Gifts for Harry Potter fans

Accio gifts!

Wish that’s we could say for the Potterhead friends we have. Be their birthdays or anniversary – Or Wait – Even for you, fellow Muggle, Harry Potter merchandise can surely overwhelm you anytime anywhere. Let’s move over the coffee mugs and take a quick look at other HP accessories available in India.

Wand – We have done the swish and swash with invisible wand? Guilty! How about a wand replica to practice ‘It’s leviOsa, not levioSA!’ correctly. Do I see you nodding your head?

Scarves/ T-shirts – We may not have received the Hogwarts letter but that does not stop us from wrapping the scarves around our necks and saunter in room imagining it to be the Great Hall. There are robes available too in case you want the fashion ensemble. For those who want the cheaper option, Souled store has amazing collection of T-shirts with quotes.

Notebooks – Journals with Hogwarts artwork are perfect for those like Hermione. Stationery kits are available for all budgets. There are feather pen or wand-shaped pens, Letterhead and envelopes with Hogwarts insignia available for wee encouragement for kids and adults alike.

Book sleeve – Bleeves as they are called, a soft pouch to keep your books safe while travelling.


Keychain/Necklace – Quite within budget, you can find such paraphernalia from various sites like Club Factory or Amazon. Easy to gift and cherish forever, these any gifts can brighten up the day for any Potterhead.


Do you have other favorites?
Head over to comment section and let us know if you have read the book. Reach me on Facebook or Instagram to share your views. Cheers to Reading!

All images,unless stated, have been sourced from Google.

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