Accelerating Digital Success: Reimagining Organisations for a Post-COVID-19 World

Reimagination of the future Ganesh Natarajan, Uma Ganesh, Lavanya Jayaram have co-authored this book to give technical insights into the world evolving while healing from the global pandemic. COVID -19 has changed our lives drastically and it’s high time to re-evaluate how the unprecedented event will shape the future of technology and how we allContinue reading “Accelerating Digital Success: Reimagining Organisations for a Post-COVID-19 World”

Life in time of Corona

2020 has turned all our lives upside down. Staying at home is the new normal. So I started exploring Lockdown series possibilities, after being confined to due to COVID 19. A fun series through my phone, marking days spent inside the four walls of our house in a creative array.This too shall pass and mayContinue reading “Life in time of Corona”