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Ordo ab Chao, as name advocates, fetches order from Chaos. In daily hustle of life, Ordo ab Chao will bring you the crispy and crunchy versions of thoughts and stories that goes on our minds. So sit back and relax, go through the blog to unclog those tiny musings which have your attention.

Hello everyone, I am Ankita.
A Bengali by birth and Sagittarian by zodiac. Chaiholic by nature and can sniff fellow bibliophile from miles. Books, Travel, DIY crafts and occasional cooking are her passions. When I am any of those, I am mostly coding for a 9-5 job. Blogging is my escape from my chaotic world – my aim is to help everyone else escape in theirs!
You can reach out to me for book review, proofreading, content writing, and book editing processes on ordoabchaoblogg@gmail.com
You can also reach out to me on Facebook or Instagram for queries!