5 Reasons to go for Book Subscriptions

One of the gems I stumbled on through Instagram – Book subscription. We get to see numerous make up and trinkets subscription boxes – but guess what? WE have similar subscription packages for books and every budget, for every fandom. Say HOLA to the new world!

  • Want the latest released books but cannot find online? Subscribe to book boxes. Often publishing houses collaborate and release the first copies of the books with the subscription boxes. Imagine the most globally discussed book,delivered right to your doorstep!
  • Book boxes also include book goodies which are meant to tease your grey cells and adorn your bookshelves. Build up your reading nook with myriad collection of bookmarks, bookshelf decors, keychains and such bric-a-bracs!
  • The subscription houses also host massive giveaways on Instagram and Facebook. You can connect with fellow bibliophiles.
  • They organize Readathons (oh yes, that exists!) where you are given prompts related to reading book. Popular readathons,debates and discussions are organized by bookstagrammers.
  • Are you a book nerd and a photographer? The subscription sites hold photography contest like ‘The unboxing challenges’ to sway the readers. There are daily prompts for which you can submit photos with items from the box. Creative ones are shared on their home page

Quick sneak peek into one of the Frappe Book boxes from The Big Book Box.


Looking for more options in India? Go nowhere but scroll below for more gateways to heaven to be delivered to your doorstep.

Please share your experiences with book boxes.

You can reach me on Facebook or Instagram to share your views. Cheers to Reading!

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