Best of Netflix: Black Mirror

I had subscribed to Netflix out of curiosity. I WAS an ardent fan of Amazon Prime, however Netflix stole my heart (and eyesight considering the binge – watching) with its superior original content. One of my favourite series is the Black Mirror. The series has tech-driven twists in every episode. We often wonder what may happen with the world if ever-increasing technological development actually takes over. Startling twists are core of each episode. The moral of each episode hits home in unusual ways.

Following are some of my favourite episodes from the series:

NOSEDIVE (Season 3, episode 1)


An honest approach to how our obsessions with social media approval can lead to eventual downfall. A world where social ranking serves as the actual currency –where “likes” you get due to your social interactions can affect your status in society. Online pretense plays a pivotal role in this story.

HATED IN THE NATION (Season 3, episode 6)


Every action should have consequences. Internet provides the virtue(or vice?) of anonymity. A Twitter hashtag #DeathTo becomes far ominous when someone acts on the tweets and kills the person without any remorse. It’s a twisted tale of how people post harmful content without consequence or responsibility and eventually becomes victim of their own action.

BLACK MUSEUM (Season 4, episode 6)


A girl chances upon the ‘Black Museum’ run by a sociopath. The museum hosts an array of old digital technologies gone wrong. This episode also includes Penn Jillette’s Pain Addict.

SAN JUNIPERO (Season 3, episode 4)


This episode was awarded the winner of two Emmys. The story delves deep into the concept of life and death, as well as existing in a replicated reality. Two very opposite young women in the ’80s explores their romantic love for one another. However both of them are actually elderly but feeling this “life” virtually. The show questions the possibility of living “life” even after death.

THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF YOU (Season 1, episode 3)


A “grain” implanted behind the ear allows one to record everything you see and hear at any given time. Sounds fun, right? The protagonist discovers how such power can lead to unfortunate events in a dark way.

What are your favorites from Netflix?

Note: All the images have been sourced from Google.

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