Books vs Movie

Books or Movie-adaptations of books – which is better is kind of ‘chicken or egg’ question. I often find people debating on why should one read a book when a movie adapted on book is easily available. Let us focus on the pros and cons of two age-long enemies.


Movies are visually more appealing. There are tons of animation and VFX effects that hoods your imagination. It makes you believe whatever goes on screen. Movies are said to be audio-visual entertainment quotient of books with less time investment. However, more than often, brilliantly developed characters fail to make a mark because of the actor’s inability to perform the role. Also, in turn, script writing fails to capture the essence of the original story in the book. A commercial movie often compromises on quality of the story as in book. A film may distort the power of imagination, specially, if you watch the movie before reading the book. Often some characters do not make to screen space, or worse still, the character traits are changes according to script requirements!

‘Books are a uniquely portable magic’ – Stephen King.

Readers have the power to transport to fantasy world anywhere, anytime. The characters can be your friends and stories stimulate your mind. Books allow readers to piece together everything, it bridges the missing gaps, provides in-depth analysis of the characters. You can paint your own picture of any scenario, unlike in movies. Apart from being the best source of educational assistance, books help to develop vocabulary and is convenient to carry around. For me, reading a book does not require ‘planning’, just cuddle up in your nook with coffee for company and be lost in imagination. Books can be with you forever!

To Sum Up:
Visual Effects

Which one do you like more – Books or Movies? Please let us know in comment section below.

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