Lesser-known facts about Harry Potter

Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs died in reverse order of how their names were written in the Marauder’s Map.


Harry arrived at Number 4, Privet Drive in the first book with Hagrid in Sirius’s motorbike. He leaves the place in the 7th book in exactly the same way!

The “t” at the end of “Voldemort” is silent. Derived from a French “Vol de mort” meaning flight of death.

Harry, Ron and Hermione unite the three Ollivander wand cores- Unicorn hair, Phoenix feathers and Dragon heartsring.

Remember when Trelawney asked Harry if he was born in mid winter? This might be because there was a piece of Voldemort’s soul inside him at that time, and Voldemort was indeed born in mid winter.

During the Dementor attack, Dudley saw himself the way he truly was, making him realize, rather harshly, that he needed to change.

In Prisoner of Azkaban, Trelawney refuses to sit at a table with 12 other characters because she would be the 13th and the first one to get up after that would die. In Order of the Phoenix, 13 members of the order are sitting and Sirius is the first to stand.In book 7, after reaching Burrow with Harry and losing Mad Eye, everyone drinks in honour of Moody, and then Lupin and Bill leave to look for Moody’s body. Lupin was the first one to rise from the group of 13 people, and he perishes in battle of Hogwarts.

Harry Potter shares the same birthday as J.K. Rowling, which is July 31.

From the very beginning, J.K. knew she wanted the Battle of Hogwarts to lead to Harry walking to his death in the forest with his family, and having Hagrid carry him out. This is what kept Hagrid safe from dying in the books.

These were some of the original names of the characters before Rowling changed them: Hermione Puckle, Neville Puff, Draco Spinks, Lily Moon (Luna Lovegood), Madhari Patil, and Mati Patil.

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