School Admission

These days school admissions are equally competitive as for any job. All the parents desire elite level of education for their children. So right from playschool, children are now nudged towards preparation for school interview.


Gone are the days when a tad English knowledge was considered as highest form of qualification. I still recall my school interviews, regaling tales they are!

Let me provide a short prelude – I had been and am still a lazy bum when it comes to studies or anything to do with an educational qualification. I had learnt to copy number system from calendar at my tender age. No amount of whacking me had ever purged me of my habit. My parents had lost hope for my sound education. Yet they had taken me to two of the prestigious schools of my locality, Durgapur.

The first one I went to – Parmananda Vidya Mandir School. I remember this particular incident as it was my first attempt in getting into school. The invigilator was clear on the written test. “Write ‘1-100’” said he, as he scribbled the same on board. I understood and scribbled the same – ‘1 – 100’ on my answer on bold letters. Easy peasy! I sat there looking at other kids, assiduously writing away. I was lost in my reverie until the invigilator snapped me out of it. He asked me if I had finished. As proud as peacock, I presented my copy, assuming I was first to complete so. One can well imagine his flabbergasted face!

“This is not correct.”

“That’s what I have been asked to write”

“What comes after 1?”




“Please write till 100”

I did as I was asked and somehow I managed to complete within the stipulated time!

How I was admitted in my Alma Mater is still a surprise to me! I do not recall much of it, but my parents recount the day as a miracle. It was rumored that a child’s admission also depended on the interview of the parents in convent schools. My parents were full of anticipation the day we went for interview in Carmel Convent High School. I was dressed in nice floral frock which had bouncing layers of lace. All that I did throughout the interview with Principal, was sway in my frock and smile – mostly because I did not understand what was being asked. I did understand when I was asked what my PAPA’s name is. I did not know who PAPA is, as I was taught to respond to Daddy or Dad. I was asked the colour of my sandals. I did not know what sandal is, but understood it was something on my feet she was indicating so I started tapping my feet. Never did I stop smiling! All these added to my parents’ chagrin, but I was too happy to decipher it. Who cares about any interview as long as you are in pretty dress? I was sent to another room for further interview. What shocked my parents was Principal’s comment. She complimented both of them and said that I was ‘jolly and confident girl’. Those were the words which re-instated the hope that I may, in spite of the debacle, admitted in school And I did! I was admitted to Carmel Convent High School, the school that shaped my growing years.

Did you visit your own school days while reading? I am sure everyone will have such sweet memories of school admission – their own or others. Regale us with your stories in the comment section below. Will be back with more anecdotes, till then Hasta la Vista!

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