Life in time of Corona

2020 has turned all our lives upside down. Staying at home is the new normal. So I started exploring Lockdown series possibilities, after being confined to due to COVID 19. A fun series through my phone, marking days spent inside the four walls of our house in a creative array.
This too shall pass and may we all find little joys in such dire times!

Apple a day, keeps doctor away. We need to build up our immunity to oppose the threat.

Pick up a Book for company!

Being confined to home, we have all donned the hat of Masterchef.

A plate of Chowmein!!!


Drops of sanitizer and just dogs, are man’s best friend now!

Puffy eyes.

Lot of sleep(thanks,WFH) can work wonders!

Keep the Fire alive!

Ludo King has brought back Family Game nights. Who’s up for a Game?

Wish I had Harry’s wand to impose social distancing!!! Spread love, from distance please!!!

With all the panic outside, I think we all need ice for our brains!

Lockdown has heralded unprecedented approach. Life feels like the boat in Jar.

Just as the boat floats in jar, we have to keep our hope floating in our confined spaces.

Stay home, stay safe!

King stands alone, leads the way!

In days of self isolation, it’s best to maintain distance.

When life gives you lemon, make a lemonade out it.
Hang in there my friends, acche din aayenge

Magnets are sweet reminders of the past trips. Some trips of our friends,some of ours.

Since the lockdown started a month back, all I’ m thinking about is the day I can step out of my home fearlessly and without a care.

That,in itself, will be a treat trip!

May we all emerge stronger at the end of the self isolation period, then we will stitch together a new story!

One of my favourite art, Origami.

Vase created by my husband who was super elated by end of it. That’s the beauty of trying something new, specially when you have lot of spare time.

Unzip your imagination, Pencil your dreams away!!
Found this stack of colour pencils tucked away below papers
😁 Marie Kondo in me organised the craft box and also, made sure to click

All hail the Queen!!!

Red for strength and valour.

Red for durability.

Love in time of Corona, time to bring back the balcony wala pyaar😛

QuaranTea anyone???
In world full of Dalgona coffee, be someone’s adrak-wali chai!!!

Lessons from an Unicorn
1) Nothing is impossible. All dreams will come true, no matter how florid they are.
2) Believe in Yourself and the magic in your heart
3) No one needs wings to fly. Flight of imagination is all you need.

Until the lockdown, I never cared much for fresh vegetables.

Now that it’s tad bit difficult to get, I have come to respect the privileges of life.

I realized Family is all you need, even in the gloomy days. In spite of lockdown, we are blessed to be together. So for W, I choose to put up a fun photo which oozes the WARMTH OF LOVE.

How many X can you spot in the image below? 😛

Product of SUPW classes from school. Simple running stitch embroidery hand bag for simple criss cross pattern. The lockdown has brought out old habits in many, including embroidery. Clearly one of the good effects of Lockdown, isn’t it?

Whats cookin’ today?

Last few weeks, with blessing from social media, lot of my facebook friends have unzipped their never-before-seen sides with unabashed views. Though freedom of speech is a right, let’s not affect relationship based on personal views.Discussion can turn into argument even before we realise it and for a second, please re-think your words. We will not be confined to indoors forever and once we step out, shall we be able to face the people on whom we have spewed wrath on!

On positive side, Nature is recovering with improved AQI and clear water bodies. We are improving our relationships by spending more time with family and if not possible, with long distance video calls.

That’s my optimism talking though!!!
I wish at the end of lockdown days, we still continue the good habits of discipline, of helping each other in household work, of spending quality and quantity time with family. May Police and Doctors become our guardian angels.

May we all emerge together for a better world.

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