Once Upon a Time

Singapore, 8 PM

Titli pulled her hood lower as it started drizzling. “Fine! No one will notice me cry”. She sniffed and thought aloud – “Is this why you are staying miles away from home?” Singapore, the city of dreams did not answer her question. Onsite bliss comes with the fangs of nerve-wrecking work and client – expectations. Stirring a hot bowl of soup, she struggled to fight her homesickness. All she wanted was to curl up in Sahil’ s arms. “Hope the note reaches him.” She thought as she looked out of her misty window.

Art work by Kazi Saiful Islam

Hyderabad, 5:30 PM

Sahil slumped in his chair in his ODC after all the planning and pinged his friend Kanchan over Lync. “Chai?” It’s not a word, it’s a full-fledged wake-call. Every office – goer needs this dose of elixir to bear the struggle of work. Wandering into cafeteria, Sahil reached the tea counter. Kanchan was nowhere to be seen. “Here’s your latte with extra sugar, Sahil Sir. It’s been already been paid for!” Sahil was bewildered. “Who paid for it? How do you know what I order?” Obtaining only grinning teeth in answer, Sahil took the tea and started calling Kanchan. “Pick up my call”, Sahil muttered impatiently. Dallying towards his chair, Sahil met with another surprise. A bouquet of red roses with a note on his desk. Sahil understood and smiled. “Oh Titli, what have you done?!” Sahil exclaimed. Kanchan patted Sahil on shoulder and said “Sorry bro, was being delivery boy to your girl. She is really a keeper!” Sahil blushed, thinking Titli had outdone him again. He checked his phone for Zomato order status, as he took up the note. “We have been busy for few days. Just wanted to say you are always in my thoughts, my Love! A girl should also get a chance to pamper her boy, isn’t it? Why should boys have all the fun? Sending my warmth of heart with the roses. I love you, Sahil! – Forever yours, Titli”.

Singapore, 8:30 PM

“He must have received the note by now.” Titli thought. Checking her phone, one SMS caught her attention. Sahil had credited money to her account an hour ago, the same time she got the flowers delivered to his address. “Could it be even possible?” Titli mumbled. Just when she was about to dial, Sahil called her on Skype. “Do you think only you can plan? I got your flowers. Now, forget your woes, worry about work again tomorrow but SMILE now.” He smiled mischievously. “Let’s have dinner together! I have already ordered your favourite food over Zomato and its on it way.” Sahil looked at her puzzled expression and smiled again. “Physical distance can stop us from being together but we are inseparable, right? I knew you were upset with your project deadline and you miss home. I knew something was amiss when you replied ‘k’ thrice in a row since morning! I wish I cuddle you, but for now, let’s have a SKYPE date.” Titli giggled at his silly explanation. He could read her like a book. Time zones across, there was a heart beating for her whose warmth melted away her bitterness. She held the phone close to heart and whispered the words she had read some days ago – “Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.”

Art work by Kazi Saiful Islam

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