5 Best Friend Characters from Web Series

Shanky (Yeh Meri Family)- Harshu’s best friend Shanky is the friend we wish we had met in childhood. He is the one who understandingly hugs when Harshu’s mom busts movie-outing plan. He drinks rooh-afza with milk, plays chess with himself, he books front row tickets to Raja Hindustani to catch the famous smooch onscreen. He strategically chooses slam book and hands over music to Harshu, guiding him how to impress his crush. Shanky is the best friend who helps to get through the bad days.

Shanky Yeh meri family

Katekar (Sacred Games) Deemed as Robin to Sartaj’s Batman, Katekar is the best sidekick one can ask for. His dedication to Sartaj Singh’s work, his support during his guilt-trips – Katekar is always there for Sartaj. Probably thats one of the reason, why we could not hold back tears when Katekar takes the bullet. His loyalty keeps Sartaj from falling apart in his duty. His presence is felt throughout the Sacred Games Season 2 even though he had died in first season.

katekar game of thrones
Sacred Games Season 1

Chudail (Laakhon Mein Ek ) – College life is not same without a friend like Chudail. He is the not-the-caped hero who defends the life of the students and gets them what is unavailable in hostel -from cheat sheets to steroid meds. The solidarity he receives even when he is expelled out of the hostel shows how much loved he was by his classmates.

Lakhon mein ek Season 1

Uday/Meena (Kota Factory) – Vaibhav, Uday and Meena form the inseparable gang in Kota. While Uday hails from affluent family, he is humble enough to share all his resources with his friends. On the other hand, Balmukund Meena is the studious friend who despite his underprivileged background, tries to make best of his situation with a smile. Both of them provide mental support to Vaibhav to beat his homesickness. They provide perspective to Vaibhav and help him to elevate in his attempt to get into Maheshwari classes.

uday meena kota Factory
Kota factory

Mandal (Pitchers) – A friend in need is a friend indeed. Mandal is such an example. He is the friend who pitches in money for start-up, especially while others are struggling for funds. Mandal withdraws money from FD to pay Jeetu, whose father checks the salary credit every month. Mandal provides the much-needed comic relief in every tense situations and buoys up the hope of the group. Though he remains an underdog in the Pitcher series, his friendship wins everyone’s heart

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