Sonali Dabade’s collection of 9 short stories


When I had heard about it first time on Bookstagram, I was intrigued with the name of the book. An apt name for 9 short narratives woven together in string – all standalone stories but the underlying “inspired from real life” current is quite palpable.

Sonali Dabade‘s third book “Nonet” is available on Amazon Kindle. The book is a quick sweet read – the one you can sit with, on a lazy evening and finish in one go.

Nonet by Sonali Dabade

Some of my favorite stories from the collection are:

Trust the future shook me the core. Though it’s set in future, the story unequivocally evokes present chaos in our society. This story reminded me that when two horses fight, grasses get trampled. In very few words, Sonali has managed to etch the fact to our mind that we should rise above our petty desires and join hands for greater good.

Dine and Dash is a weave of sweet romantic moments. I was not at all expecting the twist in the end. The story reminded me of my crazy experiences with my partner – so yes, that’s what the story does! The cute story pushes you back in memory lane to relive those moments.

Zero is a story where a surprise backfires on the protagonist. A tear jerking mild horror story, Zero taps on melancholy from losing someone.

The collection has a story for all genres. Only “A Sojourn Somewhere” lost me somewhere in between the narrative but rest all are easy reads and of course, the fluidity of language eases reader’s minds slowly into the spin. If you are looking for a quick read after emotionally draining book, Nonet may be your next pick!

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Cheers to Reading!

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