Stay in Swapnagandha resort

Who hasn’t looked up infinity pool? The magical reflection of limitless sky with floating clouds on pool – its on wishlist for most wanderbugs. We zeroed in on Swapnagandha resort, on our trip back from Goa. The resort is cradled in lush green Chorla Ghats. You can reach this resort hid behind high tree canopy forests by driving 60 kms from Belgaum. The drive through the rocky Western Ghats is thrilling and dangerous. There is a view point for the Anjunem backwaters as well which gives an uninterrupted view of the Western Ghats.

Once you enter Chorla Ghat, the signal is very weak and midway in the hills, it is an off-grid area. Once you reach Swapnagandha Resort, they provide wifi service which is only near the reception. On confirmation of booking details, we were guided to our ridge cottage “Kelwade”. We were greeted by fascinating view from balcony overlooking two waterfalls with valley of wild trees. The greenery greeted us with wide smile.

Our Cottage
Kelwade cottage
View from our Cottage
View from our Cottage Balcony

The view with our Kokum drink
Kokum drink with a view

Right outside our balcony we had the clear view of the twin falls. Vazra Sakla falls as the name aptly suggests the falls are thunderous and wild. The falls eventually meet Valvanti River in Virdi village, Maharashtra.

The twin falls is fed by water stream from the Haltar Nullah and is one of the main attractions of the Resort.

After taking rest, we went for lunch in the dining room which is like a machaan. The traditional buffet lunch had local delicacies. We were offered refreshing kokum juice to relive exhaustion. Post lunch we decided to go for swim in the infinity pool.

The view is absolutely breath-taking.

Unfortunately, monsoon clouds follow us everywhere but it was a delightful experience. We saw clouds floating right through us, followed by shower. We took shelter in the open bar by the pool side and once the rain subsided, we went to our room.

In evening, we were served hot tea with snacks. The leaves were still dripping water from the afternoon showers. We gently sipped our tea whilst overlooking the dam. soon the sun set over the hills, dusk welcomed the silence with occasional screeching of owls. The evening activities included a mehendi session which we had skipped. As the night progressed, we were invited to watch Candle folk dance by local group of girls. The beats were intoxicating as we were engrossed in the performance which included dangerous stunts with candle stands.

Candle dance
Lamp Dance

We were served dinner promptly. The air was filled with aroma of food cooked in earthen pots. We jumped into filling our plates with steamed rice and Konkani style chicken and mutton. We also relished king fish, deep fried in khus-khus. The buffet had quite an impressive spread.

With happy tummy, as we retired to our room, horror awaited me. I am absolutely scared of lizards and there was one sitting right across our bathroom mirror. It wasn’t even the tame ones we normally see at home but big forest-bred, wild ones which scuttered away with speed of light(I swear I am not exaggerating!). I found two more sitting on the ceiling – so yes, I spent most part of night keeping an eye on them! In retrospection, I realized that a jungle resort will probably be infested by them – considering the jungle we were surrounded with!!

Morning heralded a fresh cup of tea and breakfast with omelettes and toasts. We took leave after thanking our hosts and set out for our journey back to Hyderabad. The resort has everything to offer a complete switch-off relaxation for travelers. So if you are looking for one, waste no time and book at Swapnagandha Resorts immediately.

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Happy Travelling!

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