I Love Cakes

I love cake. Period. Cake is one of those desserts I can have even at 2 AM night. It’s the perfect bae. Here are my 5 lawful reasons why you should have cakes:

1. I will be there for you:

No amount of blues can over power the sunshine of the chocolaty molten stream from Choco lava cake. Raspberry, strawberry, blueberry muffins are those tiny pixies which hover in your mouth and just like magic, you don’t feel sad anymore!

2. Cake is always a pretext for celebrations

Cake can change even the dreariest experiences into festivities! All those sprinkles will cheer you up with colorful bliss. No matter what time it is in a year, you always have reason to celebrate and have cake! Birthday to anniversary, aboard travel to engagement party, bakers have mastered the art of creating beautiful cakes for every occasion.

3.  Cake always pleases.

Eating cake accelerates the happy hormones in your brain and warms you up with cozy feeling of happiness. The only purpose of a cake is to serve and please you. A sponge cake bathing in a bowl of custard, will definitely make you forget all your woes.

4. Cake is lovely and beautiful.

Happiness oozes out of every pore of your body as you indulge in yummy flavored cupcakes. Cakes like Black forest gateau or Red Velvet seldom leave your memories. Just like Stress – Relief shopping, you can always gorge on different kinds of flavors, proportions and designs and never get bored!

5. Any time meal option – Cake

Cake for breakfast – Muffins are anyway mixed flour and milk – so its essentially breakfast.
Cake for lunch – A Victorian coffee cake to top off the meal.
Cake with high tea – I am always fascinated with those tiny cupcakes with sprinkles served with tea.
Cake for dinner – Science says to eat sweet things for sweet dreams. So grab one tiny slice before you hop on to bed.

Do you like cake all time like me? Reach me on Facebook or Instagram to share your cake stories.

Published by Ordo Ab Chao

Indian Blogger

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