Never been (un)happier

Journey of a depressed soul

I had picked up this books assuming it to be another rant of “privileged” kid of Bollywood. I have never been proved so wrong about a book. Shaheen Bhatt has penned her struggle with mental depression in unminced words. Her book has successfully built up the case against the taboo named “Depression”. It is a physical ailment which needs not only medication but also love and care – just like any other ailments.

Shaheen Bhatt in her book describes her turmoil, her constant strife with her being ordinary to her expectation of being extraordinary. Even as a celebrity, she had to face the darkness on her own. Burdened with the over expectations of a famous surname and overshadowed by extremely talented sisters, Shaheen fell prey to substance abuse and uncontrolled tantrums. She failed to leave her bed to even eat and had great reluctance to positive company. Her failed therapy leads to more substance abuse and loneliness.

Be your own Sunshine

She finally emerged victorious with help of her loving and understanding family. Her book, in many words, urges not to fight the ugly demon with limited knowledge. Instead, she clarified in clear terms, citing excerpts from numerous medical journals – that mental depression, just like other ailments, is curable with proper treatment.

“We’re taught early in life to keep our emotions hidden and we’re especially taught that negative emotions have no place in a public domain.”

“The diagnosis of a person suffering from the vicious cycle of both insomnia and depression causes a classic chicken-and-egg problem. After long enough it becomes near impossible to determine whether it’s insomnia that’s causing the depression or the depression that’s causing insomnia.”

“In other words, you can buy happiness off the rack—but sadness is tailor-made just for you.”

It takes courage to come out and admit having depression. The social awareness regarding Depression is ambiguous, people often mistake it for attention-seeking. The negativity which cloaks the patient is ignored and unconsciously, often they get pushed towards substance abuse. The first step to fighting it is the self-admittance of the ailment and seeking proper professional help to heal. It is not easy at all – the process to decide, the wait for final decision and the realization takes time. Insomnia and depression are related to each other and often also the cause for each other. Patients should not be bullied or ridiculed when seeking medical help or professional advice.

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Cheers to Reading!

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