Tamda Ghoomar Falls in Bastar

One of the underrated waterfalls in Bastar, Jagdalpur

Tamda Ghoomar waterfall is located in the Bastar district. In Bastar, ‘Ghoomar’ means waterfalls.

The only source of the Tamda Ghoomar waterfall is the natural rain water. The slow rain water, continuously flows through the hill, then arches over a horse shoe plunge. That’s what makes this waterfall unique from other waterfalls in Bastar.

The ravine is beautiful with lush green surrounding. The view is a treat for nature lovers. The waterfall has a heavy plunge with a very high flow speed during the monsoons, hence the view is entirely different than what we saw during our visit in December.

The horse-shoe arch is currently home to atleast 30 bee hives! one unconscious mistake and rally of bees may create havoc;so please be careful. The waterfalls does not have any food stalls near by so its better to carry food and water while travelling.

Tamda Ghoomar waterfall also becomes a picnic spot for the people living in the district for day outings.

We were told that Maria Tribes have flea market on Mondays so if planning properly a quick visit to Chitrakote falls followed by Tamda Ghoomar falls and flea market can be done on the same day.

45kms from Jagdalpur and 25kms from Chitrakot waterfall on NH 221, this waterfall is easy to visit on car. You must take the narrow road from Sirgudi village. However, the Google maps may misguide the route, if you are driving on your own. Please enter the exact location as photo below for proper route.

The waterfall lies in a secluded location and in some parts, the road is entirely only gravel. So as per my suggestion, since its an off beat destination, the best way to explore the waterfall is by trek or to take a scenic car drive.


Google map showed us entirely different route – we drove for close to 15 kms before we asked locals who then guided us back to the main route. Roads are quite empty so do take help from locals whenever possible. The roads are yet to be constructed properly so local guidance is indispensable. Local language is Hindi so for us it was easy to communicate for directions.

The gravel road for almost 20 km is waiting for construction. A right from here was the correct route from Chitrakote waterfalls.
The Entry fees need to paid here. It was 40 Rs when we had visited. You can pick up snacks, if you want, from here.

There are several other waterfalls in Bastar which can be covered. Since we were travelling during COVID times, we decided against visiting them as most of the waterfalls were in quite secluded places. Few of them are:

Mendri Dhara Ghoomar
Shiv ganga
Kanger Dhara

How to reach :

By Road : Jagdalpur is the nearest bus/ cab station. Numerous cabs/ tempos wait outside station or bus stop which can be hired to travel. Also you can take bus to Chitrakote and from there hire cab to Tamda Ghoomar waterfalls.
By Rail : Nearest Railway station is Jagdalpur. It is well connected with all the major states.
By Air : Nearest Airport is Maa Danteswari Airport. You can hire out-station cab.

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