Day travel in Jagdalpur

Safety tips for travel in Chhatisgarh

Bastar is defintely worth visiting not only for the natural beauties, but also the man-made architectural marvels. It will take a day to go to all the places of visit.

Raja Dalpat Deo Kakatiya commissioned the construction of Dalpat Sagar. It’s one of the biggest artificial lake within the city. With musical fountain and boat rides, Dalpat Sagar is one of the best places to spend time in Bastar.

Danteswari temple is one of the Shakti peetha in India. The teeth of Mata Sati is famed to have fallen here and hence it came to named as “Danteswari temple”. It’s hugely revered by the localites as well the tribals folk. They all come together during Dushera festival; the idol is taken out in an grand procession. The airport in Jagdalpur is also named out of reverence for the Goddess.

Bastar Palace
Entrance of Bastar Haat

Bastar palace is the heritage palace located in the middle of the city. The palace is brimming with historical essence. The palace is currently under renovation. We were unfortunately not allowed to enter inside.

Bastar Haat is a small park almost 30 km away from Jagadalpur centre. There is play area for kids. Also, usually tribals sell their handicrafts like bamboo artifacts, jewellery, wooden artifacts. Due to COVID, the sale was closed. However, the park can be visited for spending fun time, specially for the kids!


Few Safety Tips while travelling in Bastar, Chhatishgarh:

  • Try to avoid driving after sunset specially to remote areas. Forests are quite dense and GPS is sometimes unsteady.
  • Bastar and surrounding areas have lot of tribal villages. Tribals sell their beautiful handicrafts in marketplaces/ haats. Please be respectful of their culture and do not haggle much for prices.
  • Always keep your ID ready and handy. It will save time while travelling on road.
  • Please cooperate with the security. They are mostly cordial and usually do routine checks.
  • Once in a while, do stop and ask for directions from locals. Hindi is widely spoken in Chattishgarh region, so be mindful of your conversations.
  • Naxalism/Maoism is a sensitive topic in Chhattisgarh. So kindly be sensitive and try to steer clear of any conversations pertaining to such topics.


How to reach :

By Road : Jagdalpur is the nearest bus/ cab station. Numerous cabs/ tempos wait outside station or bus stop which can be hired to travel. TSRTC, APSRTC, ORTC = all the neighbouring states have over-night buses plying.
By Rail : Nearest Railway station is Jagdalpur. It is well connected with all the major states.
By Air : Nearest Airport is Maa Danteswari Airport. You can hire out-station cab.

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Happy Travelling!

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