TVF : Digital fiesta

Increased lockdown protocols have pushed viewership on Digital platforms
Yeh hai family
Yeh meri Family poster from TVF Play

This show invokes the 90s nostalgia! From Chitrahaar to Duck tales, from speaking over landline phone to serving chaat for birthday party – Harshal’s small family throws you back to introspection specially if you are 90s born. For me the highlight of the show was Harshal and Shanky’s friendship, it is one that we all cherish for!

Pitchers poster from TVFplay
Pitchers poster from TVFplay

India me jab log corporate jobs se bore ho jate hai , wo log 3 hi choice rakhte hai , MBA , IAS or a Start-Up” – This epic dialogue sets the tone for the web-series. Four friends come together for Start-up company. However, easier said than done, they start realizing that being own boss in a Start-up sounds fun on papers than actual life. They struggle for investors after leaving their own lucrative salaried job. The series opens our eyes to the battle for wannabe entrepreneurs – the amount of perseverance and will-power that goes into starting a company from scratch.

Permanent roommates
Permanent roommates poster from IMDB
Permanent roommates poster from IMDB

Perhaps one of the first romcom web-series in India which shot TVF to unimaginable heights in terms of popularity. The sweet- bitter relationship of Mikesh and Tanya is the core of the series. A hilarious chain of reactions is set to motion when Mikesh proposes to Tanya after a long distance relationship of 3 years. In garb of comedy, the series explores the intricacies of relationship specially when family and unplanned pregnancy factors in.

Aspirants poster from IMDB

“Log aayenge failure ka medal daalenge aur bolenge sincere nahi tha.” The monologue by SK Sir in the opening scene of TVF Aspirants drives home the expectations of UPSC exams. This latest production from House of TVF is raving all over the world. The show has managed to elicit the emotions and diligence of UPSC applicants. With Naveen Kasturia of Pitchers fame in the lead role of Abhilash, the IAS officer – the story runs on flashbacks of promising-friendship-turned-sour when biled with unhealthy competition and toxic relationships. Commendable performances by Abhilash Thapliyal as the mighty SK sir and by Shivakit Singh Parihar as Guri stand out as well! Last but not the least, the last monologue by Sandeep bhaiya aka Sunny Hinduja reveals there is as much to lose in the win as much the gain! The show touches a chord where shattered dreams are often looked down upon, instead of celebrating the choices we have made to succeed in life.

Kota factory
Kota factory poster from TVF play

The paper-and-pen saga which is written in every lane of Kota, the hub of preparation for medical and enginnering exams. A show which finally managed to capture the monochrome life of an aspiring student. A Student who is a nobody with nothing but potential, whose future is based on score of exams. Exams are the cornerstone of the rat-race. Exams play a key factor – be it for State/National level exams to something as simple as change of class or sessions. Irrespective of the potential of a student, its only based on how “quick and accurate” answers one can give, which determines the fate of the student.

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