Top thriller web series to watch online Part -2

A listicle of thriller shows on OTT platforms

The Family Man on Amazon Prime
The Family Man on Amazon Prime (image from IMDB)

Can a regular doting family man with a not-so-fancy job be an undercover agent dealing with notorious terrorists? Shrikant Tiwari played by the powerful talented actor Manoj Bajpayee, makes you laugh a moment and then throws you off-guard with an intense cat-and-mouse chase. The extremely nail-biting plot is dotted with hilarious light moments. Season 2 opened with a bang after a successful Season 1. A powerful performance by Samantha Akkineni who had captured the incredible body language of a guerrilla soldier has been applauded by all.

Sacred games on Netflix
Sacred games on Netflix (image from IMDB)

The show took the world by storm. Competing with Western productions, this Indian thriller has all the right ingredients of suspense and nail-biting scenes. Netflix India adapted Vikram Chandra’s book and spawned a potboiler of religious and socio-political developments in the 80s-90s decade in Mumbai. Saif Ali Khan effortlessly gets in the skin of his character, Sartaj, the underperforming cop who is caught between his dead father’s integrity and deceptive seniors at work. You will be gripped with anger at his lack of ruthlessness and yet sympathize with his indomitable spirit. The showstopper is of course Nawazuddin as the mighty Ganesh Gaitonde. The megalomaniac gangster who controls Mumbai on one hand and yet falls prey to the manipulative minds of Guruji. Nawazuddin delivers a stellar performance of the arrogant and vulnerable Gaitonde. The show runs in flashback and present-day chain of events – which makes this suspense thriller show one of the best in its categories.

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Pataal lok on Amazon Prime
Paataal Lok on Amazon Prime (image from IMDB)

Anushka Sharma’s Clean Slate films maiden OTT venture with Amazon Prime explores the murky outlook of dishonesty and corruption in India. The show highlights the fallacies of the law system and the deceptive approaches undertaken to ensure order in the country. The fast-paced thriller has an extremely riveting plot twist in the end. In my honest opinion, the story arc was cut short with the sudden plot twist. In the Epic finale, we realize that the accused were just innocent puppets dancing to the tunes of people sitting in upper-class bureaucracy.

Detailed review of Pataal lok

Delhi Crime on Netflix
Delhi crime on Netflix (image from IMDB)

Delhi Crime is such a well-made and brilliantly executed series. The show did not sensationalize one of the most gruesome crimes in recent history. Rather the subject was treated with sensitivity and focused on the consequences than the actions. The story follows the subsequent police investigation and its fallacies. We often become victims of media trials and get swayed away by the inaccurate facts presented to us via unverified sources. The show offers a more in-depth perspective wherein the audience is disturbed by the inhumanity of the crime and the awareness against the crimes like rape.

13 reasons why on Netflix
13 reasons why on Netflix (image from IMDB)

Trigger Warning: Teen Suicide, sexual abuse, and depression. Though it’s based on teenagers – the show not only investigates the possible murder and suicide of Hannah Baker but explores the complexities of teens. Teenage is a sensitive age group where a person is trapped in between treated as a child or as an adult. Often puberty shakes the mental health of fragile teen souls. Instead of talking to close people, they start seeking solace from other sources which often leads to dire consequences. Stories pan out over 4 binge-worthy seasons.

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