Accelerating Digital Success: Reimagining Organisations for a Post-COVID-19 World

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Reimagination of the future
The Front cover of the book
The front cover of the book

Ganesh Natarajan, Uma Ganesh, Lavanya Jayaram have co-authored this book to give technical insights into the world evolving while healing from the global pandemic.

COVID -19 has changed our lives drastically and it’s high time to re-evaluate how the unprecedented event will shape the future of technology and how we all will benefit from it.

The book highlights over several chapters how the common practices of the organizations have transposed. Perhaps since I am from an IT background, it was quite easy for me to relate to the terms like Cloud computingA lot of people may be aware that Cloud computing has changed the face of IT by canceling out unnecessary expenses business. The aggressive cartwheel of cloud computing with stronger spokes created by AWS, Azure, and Google cloud will soon crush the limited storage capacities – The Post-Covid era will see the cartwheel has picked up greater speed! Similarly, mobility is now magnified in the mainstream market as connectivity has become of paramount importance. The easily accessible infotainment system at the tip of the fingers can’t be ignored at a whim now. Business deals kick-off over Google hangouts or Teams or Zoom – all at the comfort of 6/7 inches screen. Brand building over social media is a salient requirement. We live in an age where engaging a social influencer can give quantifiable gain as much as any PR agency.

With the chaos which ensued since last year, it has become even more obvious that data is more of a commodity with immeasurable benefits these days – even common people have started to understand the significance of it. The book highlights that the staggering low costs for streamlined processes in data-driven frameworks will be more accepted in near future. The industry is bound to cater to the evolving needs of customers to stay in the race for success. Retailers are choosing augmented experiences to entice customers to provide a seamless online shopping experience. Covid has affected the store owners and led them to change their approach completely. Even store owners have adopted friendly banking facilities of UPI and e-Wallets for instant transactions.

“As mentioned, the product consideration, try-outs, price discovery and consultation can all happen through well-designed user interfaces and user experience design, but ultimately it is the full cyber-physical experience that will determine the level of satisfaction and delight the customer recalls.”

Coming to banks, the post- COVID era may see ATMs dwindling slowly over time to be replaced by AI and robotics which will ensure the financial needs are fulfilled without actual physical contact. Even roles in industries will be swapped for cross-skilled talents. Employees will tend to learn digital technologies rather than work in legacy frameworks. Possibly, mass hiring to retaining business will be replaced by talent retention with lucrative packages and easy self-paced pieces of training. I agree with the authors that these changes will be effective in revolutionizing the IT industry.

Accelerating Digital Success: Reimagining Organisations for a Post-COVID-19 World on Kindle
Book available on Kindle

Artificial Intelligence or AI will be the air to fill in the lungs of technology in the coming days. Though few companies have already started relying on its services especially for predictive analysis; AI is yet to be utilized in the mainstream to boost in Indian economy particularly. Anyone’s common sense will say that crying over split milk will be no use. The world digital business curve is on the rise and India is still lagging behind with furbished energy behind missed opportunities. However, I believe that Covid has ensured the lagged journey has picked up its speed. We have already seen the benefits of Digital India which has enabled remote rural areas to be connected to urban plans.

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The book impresses on the fact again and again that both the way we think and the way we react are quickly evolving. The technical jargon is explained carefully with solid examples which makes the book easier to read. The authors have clearly harnessed their IT experience into the book and have provided accurate analysis of the changing times, especially under the reeling effect of COVID. In my opinion, little more visual diagrams could have helped visualize the statistics.
I wish all the best to the authors Ganesh Natarajan, Uma Ganesh, Lavanya Jayaram for the book’s success. Apart from penning this insightful book, all the authors have decades of experience in business and talent management. Dr. Ganesh Natarajan is founder of 5F world and also Chairman of Honeywell Automation India Ltd. Uma Ganesh is also co-founder of 5F world and NES, Chairperson of Global Talent Track. Lavanya Jayaram is Executive Director -South Asia at Asian Venture Philanthropy Network.

I would like to thank Lavanya Jayaram for giving me the opportunity to review the book.
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