Unique Rakhi Gifts

Rakhshabandhan is celebrated with much gusto and pomp: Raksha depicts “protection” and bandhan depicts “tying up”. The full moon in the month of Sravana marks this auspicious festival. Usually sisters tie Rakhi to their brothers, promising each other of love, long life and protection for lifetime. This day celebrates sibling- love like nowhere else on earth.

Gone are the days when siblings used to gift each other sweets and chocolates. With advent of online shopping, now we all look for quirky gift ideas. Team OrdoAbChao brings you a variety of gifts which are run by boss ladies! 100% Made in India, handmade with care!

Handitivity Designs

Book jackets, any one? Aarushi’s Handivity offers these unique book jackets in local prints specially Dabu, Kalamkari and Ikat prints. The jackets are beautifully reversible and have bookmark storage with zippers. There is fluffy handmade bookmark to mark your pace while reading. Basically, everything you need to read in cozy corner! Kindle owners, don’t be sad, there is one for you as well! The jacket binds the Kindle with straps and keeps it safe in its arms. When you place your order, make sure you use the code ANKITABBB02 to get additional discounts. This Delhi-based store provides international shipping as well.


Friendly Neighbourhood Witch

What happens when a graduation pursuing girl gives shape to her dream of digital art? Its a BOOM business – FriendlyNeighbourhoodWitch! Manvi Narang offers customized art prints – ranging from popular sit-coms to web-series. Her TVD series are quite a rage. Apart from that, she offers digital painting of special moments. If you want to capture a memorable instance in a digital painting, she is your girl! You can also opt for the outstandingly beautiful wooden bookmarks and washi tapes (Book nerds, do take a note please!).


Floressal store

I had connected with Jenny over books so when she had opened her store for amazing resin products- I went gaga over it! Go check out her page Floressal store and you will be astonished at the huge range of products. Think of it and she will magically create it for you on resin. She offers customisation on most of products which ranges from beautiful table lamps, geode trays, coasters, bookmarks, wall clocks, rings…. The list is HUGE! Absolutely go for it to gift your siblings.



Aromatic candles offer sense of tranquility and peace. The candlelight experience can increase ten times if you get to choose the scents you find relaxing or atleast select the ones which have sooting properties. All of these can make a world of difference even more, if some of the scents remind you of you favourite fictions or tv shows! Yes, Binisha and Mansi Shah, the two stalwarts behind the candle store Artifiction offers you to choose a treat for your olfactory senses. Be sure to pamper you siblings with a dose of scents and warm light, customisations are available! Light them to read a book or add to your home decor – This is a must have!


Let me know in the comments below if make a purchase or have made a purchase from them – would love to fan-girl over their creativities together. You can also reach me on Facebook or Instagram to share your views; or share your comments below.

Please don’t use the photos without permission.

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