Cafes of Hyderabad

May I offer you the best beverage joints of Hyderabad?
Paaka Organic

Paaka Organic is located in Lingamapally – off the roads driving past BHEL. The rustic decor welcomes you with bamboo swings and indoor plants. You can sit here for hours sipping on fresh seasonal fruit juices. Since it’s quite near to the University of Hyderabad, the cafe is frequently visited by the students. There is a shop which offers direct from farm products. Also, they have open mic nights and story telling nights hosted in their small compound. Over all, a lovely place to hang out with your gang of friends! I love their Natu Kodi or country chicken dishes- It’s absolutely tasty!

Check out their menu here

The Coffee Cup

Located in Sainikpuri, The Coffee Cup is again a very pocket friendly cafe. You can sit here for hours with yummy milkshakes and onion rings. The decor comprises of books and guitars. You can while away your time playing games like Jenga or Ludo while munching on their budget friendly platters. In a nutshell, there is something for everyone – be a book-nerd or a game player! Plan a visit soon with your group now!

Check out their menu here

Roastery coffee house

Roastery Coffee house is tucked away in a corner of Banjara Hills. The coffee house has answers to all your pensive thoughts with its wide array of cold and hot coffee. The breakfast platters are to die for! I loved the simple egg-mayo sandwich for its presentation! The cafe is very “instagram-worthy” with all its nooks and corners perfect for clicks. A definite visit for a cosy start to your day.

Check out their menu here

Heart Cup Coffee

Heart Cup Coffee has two branches – One in Kondapur and another one in Gachibowli. I had visited their Kondapur branch in its revamped avatar, in the lane beside TCS office. There are both outdoor and indoor seating area. The outdoor area offers tables for small group for having private party. Our Hazelnut mocha sizzled irresistibly while we waited for Cheddar chicken. I hope to go back soon sometime to enjoy the evening vibes.

Check out their menu

Drive in cafe

Driven Cafe is posh cafe located in Kapil Towers – yes, the very heart of the Financial district. The interiors give dashing vibes with super bikes on display. You can not only enjoy coffee, but also buy pouches of coffee to brew at home, if you want. One of the best veg cafes around – the pizzas are spiced up in comparison to the coffee! A match made in heaven to be honest!

Check out their full menu

Have you ever been to these cafes? Did you like any of them? Let me know in comments below which are your favourite cafes in Hyderabad and I will surely visit them!
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