Kolkata : A connoisseur’s paradise

Each place has its own story to tell!

This 1929 established restaurant offers food for soul – Awadhi style biryani. The hot buttery potato cube coupled with juicy chicken on top of piping hot saffron rice has enamored the hearts of Bengalis for a very long time. The other top picks are Mutton Rezala and of course the famous Phirni.

K C Das

86 years ago, this outlet was built to promote the pride of Kolkata – Rasgulla. They are the pioneers in selling rasgulla in cans thus taking rasgulla beyond the Bengal borders. The store is helmed by Dhiman Das, who is from the lineage of Nobin Chandra Das, the inventor of Rasgulla, and his son Krishna Chandra Das (KC Das), after whom the store has been named.

Anadi Cabin
Anaadi Cabin, Kolkata
Anaadi Cabin, Kolkata

A restaurant built in loving memory of son. Balaram Jana had established this “cabin” in 1925 in memory of his son, Anadi. Even after 9 decades, the cabin is one of the most visited places for its famed spicy Mughlai parota. The delicious aroma floats in the air, enticing all the passers-by to have a munch of it. 

Nizam's restaurant, Kolkata
Nizam’s restaurant, Kolkata

The crowded streets of Esplanade, just beyond Aminia, harbors another gem. Famous for its Kathi roll of all varieties, this 1932 establishment attracts food lovers from everywhere! More than the food, this legendary place looks like it’s trapped in time. The Kathi rolls will surely transport you back to a bygone era.

Regent Restaurant, Kolkata
Regent Restaurant, Kolkata

Fish Kobiraji and Regent go hand in hand! This diner was also established in 1935 and has cabin facilities! The restaurant offers all cuisines from Chinese to Awadhi. We had only Fish Kobiraji from here but unfortunately, we were very much full by that time so we couldn’t relish the taste as much. Hopefully, we will go back soon for another taste of paradise.

Nahoum’s bakery

Located inside the legendary Hogg market, Nahoum’s is easily accessible from the Simpark Mall entry point. In 1902, the bakery was established by Nahoum Israel Mordecai, a Baghdadi Jew. Since then, there has been little or no modification to the store. The old-fashioned tall glass displays and wooden till with the distinct smell of cakes and cookies capture the visitors. It’s said Christmas in Kolkata is incomplete without Nahoum’s cakes.

What is your favourite haunt for food in Kolkata? Let’s discuss in the comment section. You can also reach me on Facebook or Instagram to share your views.

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