Hyderabad Ramzan Food Walk

During the Holy month of Ramadaan, each sunset beholds the Hyderabadis thronging towards the Old City lanes. Gastronomes, who dream of perfect kebabs and mutton haleem, clutter near Charminar area, the de facto centre of Hyderabadi cuisine in the city. We headed over to Charminar,not only to hog on the delicacies,as well as to witness the frenzy of Ramzan. Sweating profusely in summer heat, we walked through the narrow lanes and braved the jostling crowd to experience the Ramzan Food walk.

Nimrah Café and Bakery : Journey started with a warm cup of Irani tea. Chai and Osmania biscuits are inseparable companions to kick start any gastronomic journey. You can opt for a plate of assorted biscuits to have a taste of everything. I personally love the chand biscuits and osmania biscuits.

Location of Nimrah cafe and bakery

Nimrah Bakery
Most captured frame from Nimrah cafe

Milan Juice Centre : Opposite to Nimrah Cafe, tucked in between shops is Milan Juice centre which serves different juices but the showstopper is the Mulberry Rabri. The explosion of sweet flavours is unbeatable. The rabri malai is sweetened milk after its reduced for a long time. Apart from that, Mango Malai is also a must try.

Location of Milan Juice Centre

Shatoot Rabri

Pista House : Though challenged by some of the big names, Pista house has hands-down one of the best Haleem in Hyderabad. Slow cooked for over 10 hours, this dish has minced chicken or mutton and wheat, served with fried onion and lemon.

Location of Pista House

Pista House Haleem

Matwale Doodh Ghar : After spicy Haleem from Pista House, a hop on to next-door neighbor Lassi ghar for Rose-flavored ice cold lassi is a must. Even the simple lassi tastes divine! The Lassi is one of the most sought after dessert, specially after devouring the spicy wholesome haleem.

Location of Matwale Doodh Ghar

Must try the Rose lassi
Rose Lassi (click by Niloy Dey)

Al Farooz Sonu kebabs :  Al Farooz Sonu Kebab centre is must go place to have a taste of the charcoal grilled kebabs and mutton marag with Paratha. An array of mouth-watering kebabs greeted us – specially Pathar ka gosht and Seekh kebab, Malai mutton, Semiya Chicken, Mutton gravy and laccha paratha. Hands down best dish is of course the Mutton Marag, a mutton stew blended with coconut powder, cashew nut paste and boiled milk.

Location of Sonu Kebabs

The Street stalls along the way
The aroma from barbeque is maddening!
Pathar ka gosht being cooked
Bowls of mouth watering Marag with parathas (clicked by Niloy Dey)

Few tips for better experience:

Most of the places are restricted for vehicles. Crowd increases at night, so please plan accordingly. Please park your car or bike at designated place only. One of the easy car parking spots we found was near Mirchowk Gulzar sweets. Or else, you can park car near Pista house or even near Sonu Kebabs. Please ensure you are not blocking the road.

Please carry water. Though you can buy water bottles or enjoy a glass of refreshing sugarcane juice, it is better to carry your own bottle of water and refill the filters placed outside of the hotels.

The threshold of Charminar is dotted with jewelry shops. Most of the items are priced at Rs 100 only. There are a lot of steal deals on bangles and earrings. No one will go back home empty-handed for sure! There are numerous shops with clothes on display. Please make sure to carry cash, though most places accept Digital payments.

Ever visited any of these while meadering through the Ramzan crowd near Charminar?

Head over to comment section to share your experience. You can also reach me on Facebook or Instagram to share your views.


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