Top 5 Free Audible podcasts

Woice with Warikoo

Ankur Warikoo is a household name as a self-help coach especially, for topics like time management and finance management. Usually, a short podcast, that occupies the listeners with rapt attention for various topics like personal growth, balancing risk, and aiming for entrepreneurship.

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Kaali Awaazein

Hands down one of the best horror audio podcasts I have ever heard. The stories are quite regular but the audio effects will surely cause the hair on your neck to stand! Narrated by stalwarts like Amitabh Bachchan, the audio series has been voiced by a lot of eminent actors. Make sure you plug in your earphones for the best effect!

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Michelle Obama : The light podcast

The former First Lady of the USA, Michelle Obama explores these podcasts with prominent guests on what ails today’s world and the possible solution for them. Be it issues on how to overcome hurdles, or inclusivity based on gender or race. She regales with her hilarious anecdotes and keeps the audience engrossed in such topics.

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Mandela : The Lost Tapes

Listen to the tapes of Nelson Mandela where he is interviewed by Richard Stengel during his imprisonment. We get a glimpse of the stellar life of Nelson Mandela, what shaped his political career – basically what made Mandela, a world-acclaimed personality. His words will inspire generations to come who have dreams in their eyes for a discrimination-free world.

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Tuesday People

One of the famous authors, Mitch Albom talks about his teacher Morrie, who in his last days, was an epitome of optimism. Possible when you know you are about to walk on the path of light, life channels all of its accumulated wisdom to be distributed just like butterflies distribute pollen for giving way to a better generation.

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Have you listened to any of these podcasts? Is there any podcast you would like to share which is a must-listen? Please note that all these podcasts come free with Amazon Prime membership. You can also reach me on Facebook or Instagram to share your book views.

Cheers to Reading!


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