Quotes by Paulo Coelho

ইন্দুবালার ভাতের হোটেল

কল্লোল লাহিড়ীর ইন্দুবালার ভাতের হোটেল পড়ার ইচ্ছে অনেক দিন ধরেই ছিল| ভেবেছিলাম হৈচৈ তে সিরিজ আসার আগেই পরে নেব, কিন্তু নানা কারণে তা পড়া হয়নি – অবশেষে দিদির থেকে ধার নিয়ে এক দিনেই পরে ফেললাম| আসলে কিছু কিছু বই আছে যেগুলো পড়া হয়না |মনে হয় শব্দদের স্রোতে ভাসতে ভাসতে পৌঁছে যাচ্ছি যেখানে লেখক নিয়ে যেতেContinue reading “ইন্দুবালার ভাতের হোটেল”

Top 5 Free Audible podcasts

Woice with Warikoo Ankur Warikoo is a household name as a self-help coach especially, for topics like time management and finance management. Usually, a short podcast, that occupies the listeners with rapt attention for various topics like personal growth, balancing risk, and aiming for entrepreneurship. Listen on Audible (Amazon Prime Member) Kaali Awaazein Hands downContinue reading “Top 5 Free Audible podcasts”


Chitra Karuna Banerjee has paid tribute to her roots in Kolkata. Contrary to her previous books, this book is more fiction than facts. However, surely a reader would lose oneself in the atrocities caused in the name of religion. The lines were drawn by the British and Indian politicians – the effect rippled across theContinue reading “Independence”

Comedy of error movies in Bollywood

Ludo A beautifully executed story with 4 protagonists pursuing their chase for “home”. Just like a token moves along the Ludo board, the protagonists take chances, loose a few to achieve their versions of home. The movie is a visual treat with the stories crossing paths at unexpected junctures. Lootcase A heavily underrated comedy movieContinue reading “Comedy of error movies in Bollywood”

Hyderabad Ramzan Food Walk

During the Holy month of Ramadaan, each sunset beholds the Hyderabadis thronging towards the Old City lanes. Gastronomes, who dream of perfect kebabs and mutton haleem, clutter near Charminar area, the de facto centre of Hyderabadi cuisine in the city. We headed over to Charminar,not only to hog on the delicacies,as well as to witnessContinue reading “Hyderabad Ramzan Food Walk”

Gone with the wind

This book is my first love and will forever be so. Scarlett o Hara has inspired me, shaped me into what I am today. I believe these quotes from the book will motivate you, even on your gloomy days! Have you read Gone with the wind? Isn’t it incredible to have such relevant quotes evenContinue reading “Gone with the wind”

Cafes of Hyderabad – 2

Beluga Tucked away in the corner of Jubilee hills, this cafe gives royal vibes with its canopy. We went in for dinner and were amazed by the ambience of Beluga. I want to go back again for the desserts. This cafe is perfect for a date night. Other cafes of Hyderabad Roast 24 Seven TheContinue reading “Cafes of Hyderabad – 2”

I Want to Die But I Want to Eat Tteokbokki

It has been a long time since my reading of I’ve never been (Un)happier by Shaheen Bhatt. This memoir by Baek Sehee, translated by Anton Hur has been a positive read for me as it deals with self-awareness & mental health. When you’re having a hard time, it’s natural to feel like you’re having theContinue reading “I Want to Die But I Want to Eat Tteokbokki”

It Ends with Us & It Starts with us

How far will you go to justify the cruel acts of your partner? The two books I saw everywhere! Open Instagram, open Facebook – Everywhere, readers were raving about these two books by Colleen Hoover. So I was naturally elated when I got “It starts with us” books as a gift. I encashed an AmazonContinue reading “It Ends with Us & It Starts with us”