Top thriller web series to watch online – Part 1

A listicle of thriller shows on OTT platforms

You on Netflix
You season 2 on Netflix
You on Netflix (image from IMDB)

Based on a book by Caroline Kepnes, this two-season series is an extremely addictive physiological thriller. Joe Goldberg, played by Penn Badgley, is an intensely obsessed lover. One can’t help but fall in love with the protagonist initially. Just when you start patronizing Joe, the story progresses into a dark thriller that explores the extent one can go to protect and prove his love! Netflix has renewed the contract for season 3 so that’s something to really look forward to!

Breathe on Amazon Prime
Breathe Season 1 on Amazon Prime
Breathe on Amazon Prime (image from IMDB)

I was skeptical about R Madhavan’s cast in a thriller – boy oh boy was I wrong! The story flows effortlessly entwined with an ethical dilemma and parental love. The suspense builds right from the start where one knows who the culprit is – yet the cat and mouse chase keeps you on the edge of your chair. Amit Sadh as Kabir Sawant also has a parallel story that touches a chord in your heart. Both men are driven by desperation which is well-portrayed across varied situations. This 8 episode series can easily be binged watched over any weekend.

Asur on Voot
Asur on Voot
Asur on Voot (image from IMDB)

This is one of the best series on Voot. The powerful storyline simply swallows you into a vortex of suspense and thrill. A psychopath who has a weird penchant for vicious murders and violence justifies his actions based on mythology. Dhananjay Rajpoot and his team work round the clock as the psychopath killer goes on a rampage of victims. What makes this series unique is, you almost identify the culprit but bam! you are proven wrong! The last episode sends a chill down your spine.

A.I.S.H.A My virtual Girlfriend on Arre
A.I.Sha on Arre
AISHA on Arre (image from IMDB)

This series is undoubtedly one of the best digital Sci-Fi thriller Original series streaming on Arre. Spanning over three seasons, this tech-based show shows both the ugly and beautiful side of Artificial Intelligence. Introvert coder Sam strives towards creating a true artificial intelligence program A.I.S.H.A. He creates in hope to have some company and expel his loneliness but the situation turns grave when his work life clashes with a budding love. Meanwhile, the virtual assistant falls in love with the creator and starts taking matters into her own hands! The melee that follows spans over 3 seasons.

Aarya on Zee5
Aarya on Zee5
Aarya on Zee5 (image from IMDB)

You must watch this show for the phenomenal performance by Sushmita Sen. This could easily be heralded as Sushmita’s best project to date – a project that has finally allowed her to explore her skills as well as merge her strong personality with her on-screen character. A rich family siphoning on drug dealings starts the show with a dark note. A distressed widow is caught in between her search for her husband’s killer, whose only witness is her youngest son; and to keep up the business deals. Sushmita has captured the nuances of the character so well – the fierce tigress who protects her cubs at the same time grieves over the wrong decisions which led to the loss of her husband’s life.

Criminal Justice on Hotstar
Criminal Justice Season 1 on Hotstar
Criminal Justice season 1 on Hotstar (image from IMDB)

Spanning over two seasons, this series on Hotstar is inspired by its BBC counterpart. The series explores the red-tapism of the Indian judicial system and the hollowness of society in general. The inhumane treatment of the convicted in jail is horrifying to the audience. The show explores how a family is affected by the nitty-gritty of the media trail and public opinion. Both seasons have different storylines but the thrill is the race against time to prove the innocence of the convicted.

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TVF : Digital fiesta

Increased lockdown protocols have pushed viewership on Digital platforms
Yeh hai family
Yeh meri Family poster from TVF Play

This show invokes the 90s nostalgia! From Chitrahaar to Duck tales, from speaking over landline phone to serving chaat for birthday party – Harshal’s small family throws you back to introspection specially if you are 90s born. For me the highlight of the show was Harshal and Shanky’s friendship, it is one that we all cherish for!

Pitchers poster from TVFplay
Pitchers poster from TVFplay

India me jab log corporate jobs se bore ho jate hai , wo log 3 hi choice rakhte hai , MBA , IAS or a Start-Up” – This epic dialogue sets the tone for the web-series. Four friends come together for Start-up company. However, easier said than done, they start realizing that being own boss in a Start-up sounds fun on papers than actual life. They struggle for investors after leaving their own lucrative salaried job. The series opens our eyes to the battle for wannabe entrepreneurs – the amount of perseverance and will-power that goes into starting a company from scratch.

Permanent roommates
Permanent roommates poster from IMDB
Permanent roommates poster from IMDB

Perhaps one of the first romcom web-series in India which shot TVF to unimaginable heights in terms of popularity. The sweet- bitter relationship of Mikesh and Tanya is the core of the series. A hilarious chain of reactions is set to motion when Mikesh proposes to Tanya after a long distance relationship of 3 years. In garb of comedy, the series explores the intricacies of relationship specially when family and unplanned pregnancy factors in.

Aspirants poster from IMDB

“Log aayenge failure ka medal daalenge aur bolenge sincere nahi tha.” The monologue by SK Sir in the opening scene of TVF Aspirants drives home the expectations of UPSC exams. This latest production from House of TVF is raving all over the world. The show has managed to elicit the emotions and diligence of UPSC applicants. With Naveen Kasturia of Pitchers fame in the lead role of Abhilash, the IAS officer – the story runs on flashbacks of promising-friendship-turned-sour when biled with unhealthy competition and toxic relationships. Commendable performances by Abhilash Thapliyal as the mighty SK sir and by Shivakit Singh Parihar as Guri stand out as well! Last but not the least, the last monologue by Sandeep bhaiya aka Sunny Hinduja reveals there is as much to lose in the win as much the gain! The show touches a chord where shattered dreams are often looked down upon, instead of celebrating the choices we have made to succeed in life.

Kota factory
Kota factory poster from TVF play

The paper-and-pen saga which is written in every lane of Kota, the hub of preparation for medical and enginnering exams. A show which finally managed to capture the monochrome life of an aspiring student. A Student who is a nobody with nothing but potential, whose future is based on score of exams. Exams are the cornerstone of the rat-race. Exams play a key factor – be it for State/National level exams to something as simple as change of class or sessions. Irrespective of the potential of a student, its only based on how “quick and accurate” answers one can give, which determines the fate of the student.

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Tribute to Satyajit Ray

অস্কার জয়ী সত্যজিৎ রায় বিশ্বখ্যাত হলেও বাঙালির মনিকোঠায় কোথাও যেন রিনরিন করে বাজে যে উনি আমাদের কাছের একজন | “সত্যজিৎ রায়“ নামটি ওতপ্রোত ভাবে জড়িয়ে আছে বাঙালি জীবনে| তার হাতের কলমের সৃজনশীলতা এবং তার পরিচালনার তীক্ষ্ণতা তাঁকে করে তুলেছে কালজয়ী|

চলচিত্র জগতে উনার অন্যতম অবদান , “চারুলতা” আমার অতি প্রিয় নায়িকা | উনি তাঁর দক্ষ পরিচালনায় রবীন্দ্রনাথের সৃষ্ট সাধারণ এক নারীকে প্রাণবন্ত করে তুলেছেন চলচিত্র পর্দায়| ভূপতির অফিস যাবার মুহূর্ত থেকে, চারু, তার কৌতূহলী মন নিয়ে, তার সৌখিন অপেরা গ্লাস দিয়ে বাইরের জগৎকে চিনে নেবার আকুতিকে খুব সুন্দর ভাবে ফুটিয়ে তুলেছিলেন | সম্পর্কের সমীকরণের জটিলতা থেকে বেরিয়ে, চারুলতা তার মনের ভেতরে জমে থাকা ধুলো উড়িয়ে, অমলের জন্যে তৈরী করে এমব্রয়ডারি-করা খাতা| রবীন্দ্রনাথের সৃষ্টি “চারুলতা”র চারুকে উনি গড়ে তুলেছেন নিপুন ভাবে|

সত্যজিৎ রায়ের লেখনীর জোরের প্রকাশ আমরা পেয়েছি তাঁর অনেক রচনার মধ্যে | কল্প বৈজ্ঞানিক প্রফেসর শঙ্কুর মাধ্যমে আমরা পরিচয় পাই সত্যজিৎ রায়ের অতুলনীয় কল্পনা-প্রতিভার| আনাইহিলিন গান পাওয়ার ইচ্ছে ছোটবেলায় কার না ছিলো? বুদ্ধির তীক্ষ্ণধারের সামনে যে, যেকোনো প্রতিপক্ষকে হারানো যাই, সেটা তাঁর প্রজ্ঞা-মনন লেখনীর সব গল্পেই পাওয়া যাই|

অতুলনীয় পরিচালক শ্রদ্ধেয় সত্যজিৎ রায়কে আমার বিনম্র প্রণাম|

The name "Satyajit Ray" is deeply involved in Bengali life. The Oscar-winner director and writer had unparalleled creativity. Be it his eyes behind the camera or his pen on paper - Satyajit Ray had won respect of whole world. His creations have earned him immortality.

One of his contributions to the film world is the movie "Charulata". Charulata is one of my favorite heroines in Indian cinema which was brought to life by Madhabi Mukherjee under Ray's subtle direction.He has brought to life an ordinary woman created by Rabindranath and painted her into this beautiful extraordinary lady. Right from the moment Bhupathi leaves for office, Charu, with her mind filled with curiosity, leans over the windows with her fancy opera glass. The penchant for attention is beautifully expressed. Amal, her brother-in-law, rushes into her otherwise colourless world and makes her dream for more. Her inclination towards outside world is fanned by Amal. Her resolute is broken. Inspite of the complexity of the relationships, Charulata blows the dust off her mind, makes an embroidered notebook for Amal. Satyajit Ray had acutely captured the loneliness of a house-wife, thus breathing life to the creation of Noble laureate Rabindranath's "Charulata".
We have found the brilliance of Ray's writing in many of his works. We get to know the incomparable imagination of Satyajit Ray through the science fiction Professor Shanku. Who didn't want to get Annihillin gun as a child; or for a fact look for Miracurall – the only drug that cures any ailment? The fact that any opponent can be defeated in the face of the sharpness of the intellect can be found in all the stories of his wise writing, including his famous detective series - Feluda.

My humble obeisances to the incomparable director, the venerable Satyajit Ray.

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Books and Memories : Part 2

Listicle of my favourite bookish gifts
Chader Pahar
The Mountain of The moon or Chader Pahar as it is loving known as!
The Mountain of The moon or Chader Pahar as it is loving known as!

Sibling rivalry over cleanliness led me to “win” this gem! My mother always managed to get me clean my bookshelf with promise of new books. In hindsight, a wonderful way to indulge kids into reading, what say?!! I was crestfallen at the name of book, assuming it to be full of science facts – the name translates to “Mountain of Moon”! To my delight, this was an unputdownable book and one of my favourites. Thank you Mamoni ❤️

Check the first blog.

The bulky hardcover Inferno by Dan Brown
The bulky hardcover Inferno by Dan Brown

Well, why did this book make to this list? This book is my maiden Hardcover purchased with my salary. Those days I was not aware of the concept of “price drops” (sad note to past self) and simply purchased the most coveted hardcover of one of my favourite writers, Dan Brown. A gift to myself, a memory for lifetime.

The course of love
One of the best books on relationships - The Course of Love
One of the best books on relationships – The Course of Love

Sometimes a book finds you. Sayantani Di and Krish da had gifted this book to me on my wedding reception. Are you looking for inspiration for an imperfectly perfect marriage – well, your search stops here! This book had the exact opinions I needed to hear at the start of my new chapter in my life. I was gifted two other books by them, but this one had my heart!

Order this book as wedding gifts here!

The Complete adventures of Feluda -1 by Satyajit Ray
The Complete adventures of Feluda -1 by Satyajit Ray

How can Rakhi celebrations for a book nerd sister go without .. ummm, books? This bulky book was gifted to me by Krishanu Da to add glamour to my book stack – which was hoarded into basically a big carton box those days. Now this book sits in all its glory in my bookshelf.

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Books and Memories : Part 1

Listicle of my favourite bookish gifts

Hunger Games

Hunger Games box set

2017,UK. I was due to leave for my home in few months, so I decided to splurge for my birthday. I planned for a house party for my roommates and my landlady,who has been and still is, like an angel to me. Post our spicy Indian meal,which my English guests gulped with lot of coke – I was asked to open my gifts. Surprisingly, I had a WHSmith (leading bookstore) gift card from Angela and Des. I was, of course, on Cloud 9 then! I will forever remember what Angela said next – “When you had first come to the house, the first question you asked was not about the room, but about the stack of books in the hall. Then we knew you love books and hence decided to get the gift card.” They had remembered my tiny action, that made me so happy. Later I had purchased the Hunger Games Box set I had been eyeing for quite sometime from WHSmith. Its one of the most special gifts as it stemmed from kindness- for a girl away from her homeland.

Gone with the Wind

Me with my close to tatters now copy of Gone with the wind

Perhaps the most precious gift I own. I had started reading Gone with the Wind as a borrowed copy from my school friend. I had to stop reading it as Pre-board tests where approaching. I had begged my parents to buy me this book right after my exams were over. I woke up to this book as my “Poila Baisakh” ,ie, the Bengali New Year gift from my grandparents. April 14,2006 it was!

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Harry Potter

Harry Box Set gifted by my sister

The box set I had coveted since 2 years – my sister gifted it for my wedding. She finally caved in to my indulgence and gifted me the most beautiful book set ever.

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Malgudi Days

Malgudi Days by R.K.Narayan

Best saved for last. My best friend had sent me Malgudi Days as my wedding present. Sitting mile away in another country, my MS pursuing friend gifted me the most precious gift a childhood bestie can gift! We had our own adventures no less than Swami and his friends, so this book is a testimony to our friendship.
PS: She had also gifted me Sukanto Samagra and Tarinikhuror Galpo.

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Warangal trip by road

All that you need to know for a comfortable road trip

I will start my blog with my Stay in Warangal. Its best to stay at Ramappa Haritha Resort which is a beautiful property – overlooking the beautiful Ramappa Lake. Make sure you reach here by evening to catch the breathtaking sunset.

Haritha Resort cabins overlooking the Lake

The property is idyllic. There are two rows of houses: one side there are four duplexes just above the water. Other side, there are large spacious private rooms. There is a restaurant within property. Due to COVID, we had very limited meal options. Otherwise, the stay was overwhelming specially with the beautiful lake overview. A perfect quaint place for a short vacation with friends and family.

Ramappa Lake
Ramappa Lake at sunset

Built under patronage of Ganapathi Deva, the Kakatiyan ruler in 13 century- the lake is spread across an area of 82 Sq km. The lake is surrounded with beautiful hillocks which offers a spectacular view especially during sunset time. We were mesmerized with the scenic beauty , specially from the reservoir room. The calm lake had an extremely soothing effect on us, after our long drive of almost 10 hours. It is open on all days of the week from 5 AM – 6PM – however best time to visit is around sunset.

Ramappa temple
Ramappa Temple

During the period of the mighty Kakatiya ruler Ganapati Deva, General Recherla Rudra Reddy built this magnificent Shiva temple for Lord Ramalingeswara. The structure of the temple is unique – built on a star shaped pedestal which is close to 6-7 feet high. It is said that due to its beautiful star-shaped structure, Marco Polo lauded this temple as “the brightest star in the galaxy of temples”. The aura of the temple is overwhelming specially when visited early morning. The sprawling garden around the temple is very well-kept and there are lot of eateries outside of the temple premises for visitors.

Laknavaram Lake
Laknavaram lake
Laknavaram lake park
Laknavaram bridge

Laknavaram lake is more popular than the Ramappa lake or Pakhal lake. Spread over 10,000 acres, this lake holds about about 2.135 tmcft of water. The lake is primary source for irrigation as it irrigates over 3,500 acres of land. Built by Kakatiya kings, the lake has about 3 islands in it.

The main tourist attraction is the 160 metres long hanging bridge, which connects three islands. The wonderful hanging bridge, considered one-of-its-kind in the state. When we had visited in December, we were met with lot of crowd who had come for either picnic or wedding photoshoot. The hanging bridge does have a filmy vibe to it – with drones hovering over the bridge for birds eye view of the whole area! Though there is accommodation for few rooms in the middle of the lake, Laknavaram Haritha resort is usually always fully occupied.

Thousand pillars temple
1000 pillars temple

The now-ruined temple is located near the Hanamkonda-Warangal Highway. Built under patronage of Rudra Deva of Kakatiya dynasty, the architecture of this temple is an example of splendour. The richly carved pillars fetch awe-stuck tourists to its door. The thousand pillars are constructed in such a calculated way that the view to the shrine is not obstructed from any angle in front. We were astonished at the intrinsic Jaali work inside the temple and the monolithic dolerite Nandi outside of the temple. It is on UNESCO list of World heritage sites.

Bhadrakali Temple
Bhadra Kali Temple

Temple history states that it was built by the King Pulakeshin II of Chalukya dynasty,in 625 A.D, to commemorate his victory over Vengi region of Andhra Desham. Bhadra Kali mata was the Kuldevi of Kakatiya dynasty. It is rumuored that the left eye of the Goddess idol bore the famous diamond – “Koh-i-noor” which was presented to Alauddin Khilji as truce by the Kakatiyan rulers. The temple has large compound and attracts lot of footfall through out the year.

Warangal Fort
Warangal Fort Gate

The capital city of Kakatiya dynasty, Warangal, once boasted of the massive fort. Now in utter ruins, the fort was closed due to COVID precautions. The famed Kakatiyan arch has been officially incorporated into the emblem of Telangana after the state bifurcation on June 2,2014.

How to reach :

By Road : Frequently buses ply from all over Hyderabad to Warangal. TSTRC buses are the cheapest. You can also book reputed private buses like Orange travels. Bus journey takes 3 hours depending on start location

By car, you can follow the route as Secunderabad > Yadirigutta > Warangal

By Rail : Several trains are available from Secunderabad with Sleeper fare as low as 70₹
By Air : Nearest Airport is Hyderabad International Airport. You can hire out-station cab or Zoom car to drive over to Warangal

Did you visit Warangal – what places did you like?

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Happy Travelling!

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Biographies of Bollywood Stars

The biographies which I have read!

I didn’t read this book – I listened to it!!! I utilised my Audible subscription from a coupon code I had received sometime back. To listen to her story, in her own narration was indeed a catch!!! She talks minutely about her nurturing from childhood in an army family. Her parents have always been her pillars of success; they had instilled morality and dignity as her core values. From being the Desi girl to the international diva she has become now, she definitely chose her path wisely. Needless to say, she has dignified India in the entertainment industry worldwide with her own acting acumen as well her production house.

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The Perils of Being Moderately Famous
The perils of being moderately famous by Soha Ali Khan

This was a Kindle read. Soha Ali Khan witfully describes how predictable life becomes when you have to live in the shadow of your own family. Saif’s sister, Kareena’s sister -in-law, legendary Sharmila Tagore and Pataudi Khan’s daughter – Soha had to live with many names besides the one she wanted to carve for herself. Inspite of brillant academics and promising banking career, she choose her inner calling to acting. One of the down -to- earth anecdotes of her biography, is the 2005 Mumbai floods, where she was trapped outside of her home and had to take refuge with others in a bus. Overall, its really a lovely read!

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The kiss of Life
The Kiss of Life by Emraan Hashmi

This book not only portrays the journey of an unsuspecting man to world of Bollywood, the one who normalized kissing scenes in commercial movies ; but also describes how hard its for parents to support their child through pain of cancer. Yes, Emraan Hashmi’s son Ayaan was diagnosed with cancer at the height of his career with series of hits in his bag. Hashmi has penned everything from the turmoil at the start of his career to being typecast as a “serial kisser“, simultaneously with his frenzy for his only child’s well being. He has also included his thorough research on cancer and attached materials on the same. This is just not the biography of a successful actor but also the guidelines on how to take care of cancer patients.

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Cracking the Code: My Journey in Bollywood
Cracking the Code by Ayushmann Khurrana and Tahira Kashyap

This is another biography which I had read on Kindle Prime. A small-town boy’s journey to the silver screen of Bollywood was not a path strewn with only roses. Ayushmann Khurrana had to dabble in Radio jockeying, Video Jockeying, reality shows before he managed to score his first movie – Vicky Donor. It went on to be blockbuster hit inspite of its unconventional storyline. A risk-taker and ardent hardworker, Ayushmann has carved his own niche in Bollywood.

Detailed review of the book
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Never been (un)happier
Never been (un)happier by Shaheen Bhatt

I am not sure of I could add this to biography category to be exact. Shaheen Bhatt has put forth her painful journey of suffering from depression. Inspite of being born to famous Bhatt family, Shaheen had to struggle with her own demons of darkness. Her book is a light read of hope for not only people who suffer from depression but also, raises awareness about this ailment as serious and treatable.

Detailed review of the book

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An Unsuitable Boy
An Suitable Boy

The man who lives in infamy for his over zealous remarks and of course, his show – Koffee with Karan. Yes, Karan Johar’s biography is rightfully titled as “An unsuitable boy“. Born into Bollywood family of Johar’s, Karan was destined to be part of family business of Johar Productions. Along with his studies, his first venture being costume designer for Aditya Chopra’s movies. His directorial debut, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, went to become blockbuster movie. Over years, with string of blockbusters and flop movies, Karan Johar is famous for his show on Sony World, which leads to controversies almost every season. His book unabashedly owns up to his name and all of his debatable life events.

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Day travel in Jagdalpur

Safety tips for travel in Chhatisgarh

Bastar is defintely worth visiting not only for the natural beauties, but also the man-made architectural marvels. It will take a day to go to all the places of visit.

Raja Dalpat Deo Kakatiya commissioned the construction of Dalpat Sagar. It’s one of the biggest artificial lake within the city. With musical fountain and boat rides, Dalpat Sagar is one of the best places to spend time in Bastar.

Danteswari temple is one of the Shakti peetha in India. The teeth of Mata Sati is famed to have fallen here and hence it came to named as “Danteswari temple”. It’s hugely revered by the localites as well the tribals folk. They all come together during Dushera festival; the idol is taken out in an grand procession. The airport in Jagdalpur is also named out of reverence for the Goddess.

Bastar Palace
Entrance of Bastar Haat

Bastar palace is the heritage palace located in the middle of the city. The palace is brimming with historical essence. The palace is currently under renovation. We were unfortunately not allowed to enter inside.

Bastar Haat is a small park almost 30 km away from Jagadalpur centre. There is play area for kids. Also, usually tribals sell their handicrafts like bamboo artifacts, jewellery, wooden artifacts. Due to COVID, the sale was closed. However, the park can be visited for spending fun time, specially for the kids!


Few Safety Tips while travelling in Bastar, Chhatishgarh:

  • Try to avoid driving after sunset specially to remote areas. Forests are quite dense and GPS is sometimes unsteady.
  • Bastar and surrounding areas have lot of tribal villages. Tribals sell their beautiful handicrafts in marketplaces/ haats. Please be respectful of their culture and do not haggle much for prices.
  • Always keep your ID ready and handy. It will save time while travelling on road.
  • Please cooperate with the security. They are mostly cordial and usually do routine checks.
  • Once in a while, do stop and ask for directions from locals. Hindi is widely spoken in Chattishgarh region, so be mindful of your conversations.
  • Naxalism/Maoism is a sensitive topic in Chhattisgarh. So kindly be sensitive and try to steer clear of any conversations pertaining to such topics.


How to reach :

By Road : Jagdalpur is the nearest bus/ cab station. Numerous cabs/ tempos wait outside station or bus stop which can be hired to travel. TSRTC, APSRTC, ORTC = all the neighbouring states have over-night buses plying.
By Rail : Nearest Railway station is Jagdalpur. It is well connected with all the major states.
By Air : Nearest Airport is Maa Danteswari Airport. You can hire out-station cab.

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The Archer

The tenets of purposeful life

The story revolves around Tetsuya, the unparalleled archer in the world, who has now renounced his skills to have settled as a humble carpenter. He has an apprentice to assist him and learn the trade skills of carpentry. One day, a stranger comes unannounced and challenges the might of Tetsuya, who reluctantly demonstrates his finest art of archery. The stranger leaves however taken aback by the spectacular act, the apprentice becomes eager to learn the ways of archery. Tetsuya accompanies the boy down the hill and on the way, imparts his wisdom on Archery.

Paulo Coelho, the famed international writer of The Alchemist, leaves us with a book of morals, taught in metaphors of archery. Just as a bow and arrow becomes the action and intent behind our heart’s and mind’s desires, Coelho disintegrates the idea into step by step facts, drawing allegorical situations from archery.

Few of my favourite quotes from the book:

Quotes by Paulo Coelho from The Archer
Quotes by Paulo Coelho from The Archer
Quotes by Paulo Coelho from The Archer
Quotes by Paulo Coelho from The Archer
Quotes by Paulo Coelho from The Archer
Quotes by Paulo Coelho from The Archer

The book found its way to me as one of the first reads in 2021. The book exudes warmth of hope, speaks volumes about tenacity and perseverance in learning the art of our own choice. Paulo Coelho’s words dig deeper in our inner conscience where we categorize and understand the intent behind each of our actions and the consequences followed by it.

Fun fact : The book was originally published as “O caminho do arco” (“The Way of the Bow”) in 2003.

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Tamda Ghoomar Falls in Bastar

One of the underrated waterfalls in Bastar, Jagdalpur

Tamda Ghoomar waterfall is located in the Bastar district. In Bastar, ‘Ghoomar’ means waterfalls.

The only source of the Tamda Ghoomar waterfall is the natural rain water. The slow rain water, continuously flows through the hill, then arches over a horse shoe plunge. That’s what makes this waterfall unique from other waterfalls in Bastar.

The ravine is beautiful with lush green surrounding. The view is a treat for nature lovers. The waterfall has a heavy plunge with a very high flow speed during the monsoons, hence the view is entirely different than what we saw during our visit in December.

The horse-shoe arch is currently home to atleast 30 bee hives! one unconscious mistake and rally of bees may create havoc;so please be careful. The waterfalls does not have any food stalls near by so its better to carry food and water while travelling.

Tamda Ghoomar waterfall also becomes a picnic spot for the people living in the district for day outings.

We were told that Maria Tribes have flea market on Mondays so if planning properly a quick visit to Chitrakote falls followed by Tamda Ghoomar falls and flea market can be done on the same day.

45kms from Jagdalpur and 25kms from Chitrakot waterfall on NH 221, this waterfall is easy to visit on car. You must take the narrow road from Sirgudi village. However, the Google maps may misguide the route, if you are driving on your own. Please enter the exact location as photo below for proper route.

The waterfall lies in a secluded location and in some parts, the road is entirely only gravel. So as per my suggestion, since its an off beat destination, the best way to explore the waterfall is by trek or to take a scenic car drive.


Google map showed us entirely different route – we drove for close to 15 kms before we asked locals who then guided us back to the main route. Roads are quite empty so do take help from locals whenever possible. The roads are yet to be constructed properly so local guidance is indispensable. Local language is Hindi so for us it was easy to communicate for directions.

The gravel road for almost 20 km is waiting for construction. A right from here was the correct route from Chitrakote waterfalls.
The Entry fees need to paid here. It was 40 Rs when we had visited. You can pick up snacks, if you want, from here.

There are several other waterfalls in Bastar which can be covered. Since we were travelling during COVID times, we decided against visiting them as most of the waterfalls were in quite secluded places. Few of them are:

Mendri Dhara Ghoomar
Shiv ganga
Kanger Dhara

How to reach :

By Road : Jagdalpur is the nearest bus/ cab station. Numerous cabs/ tempos wait outside station or bus stop which can be hired to travel. Also you can take bus to Chitrakote and from there hire cab to Tamda Ghoomar waterfalls.
By Rail : Nearest Railway station is Jagdalpur. It is well connected with all the major states.
By Air : Nearest Airport is Maa Danteswari Airport. You can hire out-station cab.

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