The Chronicler of the Hoogly

A book that took me back to the labyrinth of my roots!

Shakti Ghosal has penned down a wonderful book. Astami, Pandemic, Fault lines , and The Chronicler of the Hoogly comprise the four stories in the book. Each story revolves around the repercussions of misdeeds and karma, often transcending over decades. The smooth knitting of the stories does not fail to impress the reader with the actual facts with slight creative suggestions made for the crevices in the history.

Ashtami marks the auspicious 8th day of the Durga Puja festival. It’s a festival of grandeur. The story transcends pre and post-independence timelines narrating in detail the life of a Bengali family who settles in Delhi over time.

Pandemic runs parallelly drawing comparisons between the Spanish Flu and present COVID situation – how families have been affected cumulatively over time. Work from home may be delightful at times, however, it also brings to the table all the uncomfortable truths we usually try to avoid in the garb of quality time.

Fault lines took captured my attention for it’s twists. Anjan’s life turns upside down when his past comes haunting him with misdeeds he had done to achieve his goals. His conscience visits him in form of his old friend and berates him for each incident that served his selfish needs.

The Chronicler of the Hoogly took me on a ferry ride on the mighty Hoogly river, along with Samir. The author paints a beautiful picture of Kolkata, interweaving past and present moments seamlessly.

Usual Ferry rides on Hoogly river
Howrah Bridge

The reader is sucked into the vortex of politics fueled by the dark greed of a woman, Joba. Her tentacles reached through established families and ruined their homes. One misdeed leads to another and soon, the scheming British took an opportunity to hammer on the existing cracks. All of which culminated in the fall of the stature of Bengal as a prospering land.

The last story etched in mind the glory of Kolkata and her bountiful land. Kolkata has survived the frequent attacks from outsiders, yet, she has managed to retain her heritage with full grace. Possibly since, being Bengali, the story struck a chord in my heart. For a fact, Kolkata tourism does offer a ferry ride through all the ghats and I was surprised that it molded into such a tale!

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Books on my Wishlist 2021

Miss Marple and Mystery: The Complete Short Stories Paperback

I have the Hercule Poirot collection and this year, I have set my eyes on the Miss Marple collection. It contains short stories all Miss Marple stories along with other independent short stories written by Agatha Christie.


Undertow by Jahnavi Barua is a poignant tale of homecoming and searching for answers and origin. It was one of the most raved about book last few months and I have ever since wanted to read it.

The Complete Father Brown

Solving mysteries with blend of wit and imagination, Father Brown series is very popular for crime thrillers. I have been eyeing the Wordsworth publishers collection, as it compiles all of the stories in one book!

The Island of The Missing Trees

Elif Shafak had stolen my heart with the book The forty rules of Love. Now the author is back again with her latest – The Island of the Missing trees. I am sure her penmanship will slay readers’ heart again.

Us against You

The man called Ove is such a sweet fuzzy read that I want to read all of Fredrick Backman’s books. US against you is one of his another popular writings.

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Unique Rakhi Gifts

Rakhshabandhan is celebrated with much gusto and pomp: Raksha depicts “protection” and bandhan depicts “tying up”. The full moon in the month of Sravana marks this auspicious festival. Usually sisters tie Rakhi to their brothers, promising each other of love, long life and protection for lifetime. This day celebrates sibling- love like nowhere else on earth.

Gone are the days when siblings used to gift each other sweets and chocolates. With advent of online shopping, now we all look for quirky gift ideas. Team OrdoAbChao brings you a variety of gifts which are run by boss ladies! 100% Made in India, handmade with care!

Handitivity Designs

Book jackets, any one? Aarushi’s Handivity offers these unique book jackets in local prints specially Dabu, Kalamkari and Ikat prints. The jackets are beautifully reversible and have bookmark storage with zippers. There is fluffy handmade bookmark to mark your pace while reading. Basically, everything you need to read in cozy corner! Kindle owners, don’t be sad, there is one for you as well! The jacket binds the Kindle with straps and keeps it safe in its arms. When you place your order, make sure you use the code ANKITABBB02 to get additional discounts. This Delhi-based store provides international shipping as well.


Friendly Neighbourhood Witch

What happens when a graduation pursuing girl gives shape to her dream of digital art? Its a BOOM business – FriendlyNeighbourhoodWitch! Manvi Narang offers customized art prints – ranging from popular sit-coms to web-series. Her TVD series are quite a rage. Apart from that, she offers digital painting of special moments. If you want to capture a memorable instance in a digital painting, she is your girl! You can also opt for the outstandingly beautiful wooden bookmarks and washi tapes (Book nerds, do take a note please!).


Floressal store

I had connected with Jenny over books so when she had opened her store for amazing resin products- I went gaga over it! Go check out her page Floressal store and you will be astonished at the huge range of products. Think of it and she will magically create it for you on resin. She offers customisation on most of products which ranges from beautiful table lamps, geode trays, coasters, bookmarks, wall clocks, rings…. The list is HUGE! Absolutely go for it to gift your siblings.



Aromatic candles offer sense of tranquility and peace. The candlelight experience can increase ten times if you get to choose the scents you find relaxing or atleast select the ones which have sooting properties. All of these can make a world of difference even more, if some of the scents remind you of you favourite fictions or tv shows! Yes, Binisha and Mansi Shah, the two stalwarts behind the candle store Artifiction offers you to choose a treat for your olfactory senses. Be sure to pamper you siblings with a dose of scents and warm light, customisations are available! Light them to read a book or add to your home decor – This is a must have!


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“If you pass through the jungle 100 times, you may spot a tiger once, but the tiger will have seen you 99 times”

The dialogue sends a chill through your spine and sets the tone for the movie. Vidya Vincent, played by Vidya Balan, is a divisional Forest Officer entrusted with wildlife conservation in the forest. Vidya is joined by Hassan Noorani, played by Vijay Raaz. Noorani, a college professor/entomologist by profession and animal-lover by heart is the only honest man among the dishonest bureaucrats. They team up to raise awareness among the villagers and rigorously train the forest friends. While Vidya and Noorani look for a viable solution to conserve the forest. Over time, they realize that the tigress only wants to travel to the safe haven of the National Forest with her newborn cubs. The tigress is acting out of her nature to kill while traveling. A true Sherni who isn’t trying to be one, but is one actually. They understand that providing a safe passage by capturing them alive and releasing them in the forest is the best option. They are met with constant roadblocks and easy-quick solutions,i.e, killing the tigress. The media is fed with lies and the whole issue gains national attention. Social activists are rally everywhere to save the tigress with her cubs. Yet, a certain section of people gangs up to prove the fact that “man-eater” tigress should be put to rest.

A still from the movie. Image source : IMDB

Sherni depicts how once you start walking on “sarkari rasta”, it awaits you with the long vistas of red-tapism and the rampant misuse of power and position. Toxic chauvinism and trophy-hunting coupled with political ambition become the hurdle for the honest DFO’s work. The climax only speaks volumes about the dirty truth about our society.

Plan a trip to Gir National Forest

Vidya Balan’s scintillating performance as the DFO has quite aptly justified the fact that actions speak louder than words. Vijay Raaz, as Noorani, plays the perfect companion in bringing the instrumental change in the mindset of the local people. Neeraj Kabi plays the role of Mr. Nangia, who is compelled to turn a blind eye to local bureaucracy and shut the case with force. Amit Masurkar has spun the storyline of the movie in a way that leaves a sour taste in your mouth.

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Rakhi Gifts for Sisters

Here is a quick list to check the exciting gift items you can present your sister on this Rakshabandhan to make your loving sister smile and win the day!

Tote bag

Lavie bags add to the style quotient without failure. This tote bag is spacious enough to hold all paraphernalia. It also comes with a detachable sling option!
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Moon light

You may not be able to get the moon for your sister but you certainly can get the lamp shaped like moon. This moon light comes with 2 light moods and its rechargeable.

Buy here at 849₹

Hair Dryer

Vega’s hair-dryer is very affordable. This hair dryer has two modes for both low air low heat as well hot high heat. Say bye bye to frizzy hair.

Buy here at 499


Belts are versatile and barely go out of style. Belts can be accessorized with ethnic wears like Kurtis or sarees as well and looks so chic! This gold toned belt will go with any dress and give the extra edge to look fabulous. So you can trust in this belt as a gift!

Buy here at 299


One can never go wrong with earrings. This Padmavati inspired dangles is available at very cheap price. Zaveri pearls range had huge array of affordable jewellery.
Buy here at 310₹

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Rakhi gifts under 1000

With less than a month to go for Rakshabandhan festival, Team OAC has curated a list of gifts for siblings. The items have been carefully selected keeping in mind that most of these can be purchased for both, brothers and sisters. Indulge on and get trendy gifts for your siblings as we celebrate the festival of sibling love in India.

Laptop sleeve

An essential item – Laptop sleeve. Especially when most of the people are working from home. The best part is, this sophisticated laptop sleeve comes with an amazing organizer as well! Say bye-bye to scattered accessories.
Buy here for 549₹

Quick Multi Charger

Does your sibling love to travel? Then this is an excellent choice to gift this festival! The charger not only comes with rapid charging but also has US/Indian Convertor Plug which will come in handy for international traveling. Buy here for 799₹

Rakhi Gifts for sisters

Bluetooth speaker

Infinity by Harman is one of the most coveted item for music lovers. Sound clarity is excellent. This is one of the most purchased speaker as in a single charge, it can play music up to 5hrs. What else can you ask for from a pocket size speaker!
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Earphones by JBL

JBL is famous for their wide array of earphones for with budget friendly options. This in-Ear Headphones with Mic not only comes cheap (price is usually below 500), but sound output is quite well-balanced. Its 3.5 mm jack compatible so please ensure before placing an order.
Buy here for 349₹

Gym Bag

This gym bag is for the fitness freak siblings! The bag comes with a separate compartment for carrying shoes. It can easily fit in change of clothes, towel and water bottle, and phone charger.
Buy here for 345₹


An important daily item is a wallet. Gift some style for pocket with suave men’s wallet. With evolving fashion, wallets are now available is variety fabrics. This Wildhorn leather wallet also comes with a zipper.
Buy here for 583₹

Sling bag

Now that we are done with men’s wallet, lets move on to trendy pastel shade sling bags. The quilted beg adds a cozy look to the ensemble and is perfect for the brunches!
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Whenever in doubt, gift a backpack. You can never have enough of it! American Tourister is a reputed name when it comes to an collection of trendy backpacks with pocket-friendly options. The subtle colour of this backpack is certain to add to the charisma of the person.
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Must read Horror Fictions

Now that Monsoons have set in, rainy days call for a sumptuous lunch comprising of Khichdi and onion fritters! What else does it call for? Of course, a good horror story! Here are the most suggested books for jump scares!

Draw your curtains to darken your room more before you open this book to read! Collectible edition of Ghost stories has the best of the best short stories from around the world! Now can someone gift me this one since I made this awesome suggestion? Just kidding!

World's 50 Greatest Horror stories
World’s 50 Greatest Horror stories

Everyone knows about Roald Dahl‘s comedy stories, particularly for children. However, are you aware of his bone- chilling ghost stories? Those are perfect for cloudy days with very feeble sunlight – The book of ghost stories is sure to give the goosebumps on your skin.

Book of Ghost Stories
Book of Ghost Stories

Buy here – The book of ghost stories

When we speak of horror, we cannot forget our own Ruskin Bond. The mist-filled haunted houses and creaky staircases – his stories have it all! Read his works at night, and you may just feel the sudden cold hand on your shoulder perhaps! The horror omnibus is just perfect for all horror fiction lovers!

The Ruskin Bond Omnibus
The Ruskin Bond Omnibus

I was introduced to HP Lovecraft’s stories via audio stories on Midnight Horror station. His collection of stories which includes The call of Cthulhu is one of the best in the horror genre. I am yet to read his books but I have heard lot of his translated stories via audio story channels on YouTube. Though he was not respected during his lifetime as writer, his brilliance for horror genre some of which had magic realism elements as well, was recognized posthumously.

The Call of Cthulhu

Of course, saved the best for the last – the King of horror genre – the mighty Stephen King. The Shining is deemed to be one of his best works. His list of terrifying stories is huge – most of them have been actually adapted into award-winning movies, not just The Shining. It had definitely set the coulrophobia in many.

The Shining

Have you read any book from the list? I am yet to read most of these books – I have read snippets and heard translated versions; hence sharing my suggestions based on experience!

Now that Rakshabandhan is just a month away, maybe you can plan to gift these books to your siblings if they live for macabre horror stories – these can be the best books to gift.

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Accelerating Digital Success: Reimagining Organisations for a Post-COVID-19 World

Reimagination of the future
The Front cover of the book
The front cover of the book

Ganesh Natarajan, Uma Ganesh, Lavanya Jayaram have co-authored this book to give technical insights into the world evolving while healing from the global pandemic.

COVID -19 has changed our lives drastically and it’s high time to re-evaluate how the unprecedented event will shape the future of technology and how we all will benefit from it.

The book highlights over several chapters how the common practices of the organizations have transposed. Perhaps since I am from an IT background, it was quite easy for me to relate to the terms like Cloud computingA lot of people may be aware that Cloud computing has changed the face of IT by canceling out unnecessary expenses business. The aggressive cartwheel of cloud computing with stronger spokes created by AWS, Azure, and Google cloud will soon crush the limited storage capacities – The Post-Covid era will see the cartwheel has picked up greater speed! Similarly, mobility is now magnified in the mainstream market as connectivity has become of paramount importance. The easily accessible infotainment system at the tip of the fingers can’t be ignored at a whim now. Business deals kick-off over Google hangouts or Teams or Zoom – all at the comfort of 6/7 inches screen. Brand building over social media is a salient requirement. We live in an age where engaging a social influencer can give quantifiable gain as much as any PR agency.

With the chaos which ensued since last year, it has become even more obvious that data is more of a commodity with immeasurable benefits these days – even common people have started to understand the significance of it. The book highlights that the staggering low costs for streamlined processes in data-driven frameworks will be more accepted in near future. The industry is bound to cater to the evolving needs of customers to stay in the race for success. Retailers are choosing augmented experiences to entice customers to provide a seamless online shopping experience. Covid has affected the store owners and led them to change their approach completely. Even store owners have adopted friendly banking facilities of UPI and e-Wallets for instant transactions.

“As mentioned, the product consideration, try-outs, price discovery and consultation can all happen through well-designed user interfaces and user experience design, but ultimately it is the full cyber-physical experience that will determine the level of satisfaction and delight the customer recalls.”

Coming to banks, the post- COVID era may see ATMs dwindling slowly over time to be replaced by AI and robotics which will ensure the financial needs are fulfilled without actual physical contact. Even roles in industries will be swapped for cross-skilled talents. Employees will tend to learn digital technologies rather than work in legacy frameworks. Possibly, mass hiring to retaining business will be replaced by talent retention with lucrative packages and easy self-paced pieces of training. I agree with the authors that these changes will be effective in revolutionizing the IT industry.

Accelerating Digital Success: Reimagining Organisations for a Post-COVID-19 World on Kindle
Book available on Kindle

Artificial Intelligence or AI will be the air to fill in the lungs of technology in the coming days. Though few companies have already started relying on its services especially for predictive analysis; AI is yet to be utilized in the mainstream to boost in Indian economy particularly. Anyone’s common sense will say that crying over split milk will be no use. The world digital business curve is on the rise and India is still lagging behind with furbished energy behind missed opportunities. However, I believe that Covid has ensured the lagged journey has picked up its speed. We have already seen the benefits of Digital India which has enabled remote rural areas to be connected to urban plans.

Order the book

The book impresses on the fact again and again that both the way we think and the way we react are quickly evolving. The technical jargon is explained carefully with solid examples which makes the book easier to read. The authors have clearly harnessed their IT experience into the book and have provided accurate analysis of the changing times, especially under the reeling effect of COVID. In my opinion, little more visual diagrams could have helped visualize the statistics.
I wish all the best to the authors Ganesh Natarajan, Uma Ganesh, Lavanya Jayaram for the book’s success. Apart from penning this insightful book, all the authors have decades of experience in business and talent management. Dr. Ganesh Natarajan is founder of 5F world and also Chairman of Honeywell Automation India Ltd. Uma Ganesh is also co-founder of 5F world and NES, Chairperson of Global Talent Track. Lavanya Jayaram is Executive Director -South Asia at Asian Venture Philanthropy Network.

I would like to thank Lavanya Jayaram for giving me the opportunity to review the book.
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June Reads Wrap Up

Long- Short stories

Long- Short Stories by Chetan Soni

A fast easy-breezy read – That’s what made me pick up Long-Short Stories by Chetan Soni. Its collection of 5 Romantic stories will catapult you to rosy romance. I want to start with the story I liked the most – What’s in a Name. Two star-crossed lovers, Krish and Lakshmi, find themselves at crossroads with hidden scars. They run from their past in the guise of lies only to finally find the love and peace they were looking for, in each other’s arms! The Chronicles of Raghu Kapoor, to me, was a bit bland among all. It’s dosed with filmy overthinking – lack of courage to say the right words at right time may snub over a flame. Some relationships are just nipped in the buds because we overthink the consequences. The stories are well-spun and all the characters are well- sketched. However, since all are short stories, there was a certain rush towards the moral of the story. There are abrupt dosages of enlightenment in name of “once a wise man said” a few places which fused the flow of the story. If you are looking for a light read and to get over the reading slump, this can be the answer to your woes!

Buy here

STONED! The Untold Story of CO-Weed-20

Stoned! By Gautam Mayekar

STONED! The Untold Story of CO-Weed-20 By Gautam Mayekar is a sci-fi story set in the pandemic scenario. Amar, the self-proclaimed superhero or rather, The Batman along with his Catwoman, Joanna, and best friend Mohit, fall prey to their creation – Co-Weed. The story entails how Amar and Mohit, the creators of CO-Weed, start experimenting further to augment the experience of the users. So certain percentage of increased concentration of weed led to the invention of Co-Weed 5.Riding high on multiple successful orders, they decide to take it further by selling the patent of the drug. The high sale will allow them to take a pause and enjoy an early retirement. Hell breaks loose when the plan goes astray. The book is woven with several television references. The book is also an ode to Nucleya, the author fan-boys all over him – there is a whole chapter dedicated to Nulceya. All the chapters’ names are inspired by Sit-com Friends. There are hilarious references to Bollywood movies like the coin scene from Sholay and the naming helicopter as “Dhanno”.

I did abhor the frequent references to playful substance usage of drugs. Also at times, the “moments of high” left incoherence in the storyline, I had to frequently scroll back to few pages to understand the contexts again. The language is otherwise lucid and easy to understand – however one may have to look up the Hindi song lyrics meaning to get the meaning.

Buy here

A Train Story

A Train Story By Himanshu Goel

I loved this fast paced story – A Train Story by Himanshu Goel. The plot jumps in right away to the point. However I am intrigued to know if the protagonist had personality disorder. I understand that we are our first rescue responders. We have to help ourselves first. I am not sure how can someone forget their own actions, unless it is probably a disorder? That’s one question which bothered me in the end. Overall I really liked the story and I will try to check out his other stories.

Mountain Mist & Meghalaya

Mountain Mist and Meghlaya By Hanisha Raghunath and Urvesh Bhatt

I have never enjoyed a travel book as much as this one! The author is a humble explorer – he visited the same places in Meghalaya in two days. His wanderlust soul was not satisfied with the richness of solitude, the vast expanse land of Meghalaya had provided: Now that’s a heart-warming moment in the book. The author is so modest that he never failed to have meals with his driver, or his hotel staff. That is how stories are spun and memories are etched in the mind.
The language is so lucid that one sets off with the author and Kennedy, his driver in quest for beautiful Meghalaya! We travel to the misty lands of Kongthong and Shnongpdeng; we even have a boat ride on the Wah Umngot river (the bargaining made me laugh out loud!). I was touched by how beautifully the author had portrayed the simple life of the local people who believe and live “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” in true terms. Instead of waiting for others to take the brunt, local people themselves have immense respect for nature and have taken it upon themselves to preserve the sanctity of the places.

Throughout reading the book, I kept searching for images of the places the author has visited. A few photographs would have been a treat for tired, daydreaming eyes! Also, the airport woman and child story was a bit unnecessary from a travel point of view – at places, rather I felt she was piling on and offering unsolicited advice. Anyhow, I think that is how the author had encountered that particular woman.

Looking forward to more books by Urvesh Bhatt and Hanisha Raghunath!

Buy here

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How was your June reads? Any interesting books you may have read? Do share with me your reading piles in the comments below!

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Top thriller web series to watch online Part -2

A listicle of thriller shows on OTT platforms

The Family Man on Amazon Prime
The Family Man on Amazon Prime (image from IMDB)

Can a regular doting family man with a not-so-fancy job be an undercover agent dealing with notorious terrorists? Shrikant Tiwari played by the powerful talented actor Manoj Bajpayee, makes you laugh a moment and then throws you off-guard with an intense cat-and-mouse chase. The extremely nail-biting plot is dotted with hilarious light moments. Season 2 opened with a bang after a successful Season 1. A powerful performance by Samantha Akkineni who had captured the incredible body language of a guerrilla soldier has been applauded by all.

Sacred games on Netflix
Sacred games on Netflix (image from IMDB)

The show took the world by storm. Competing with Western productions, this Indian thriller has all the right ingredients of suspense and nail-biting scenes. Netflix India adapted Vikram Chandra’s book and spawned a potboiler of religious and socio-political developments in the 80s-90s decade in Mumbai. Saif Ali Khan effortlessly gets in the skin of his character, Sartaj, the underperforming cop who is caught between his dead father’s integrity and deceptive seniors at work. You will be gripped with anger at his lack of ruthlessness and yet sympathize with his indomitable spirit. The showstopper is of course Nawazuddin as the mighty Ganesh Gaitonde. The megalomaniac gangster who controls Mumbai on one hand and yet falls prey to the manipulative minds of Guruji. Nawazuddin delivers a stellar performance of the arrogant and vulnerable Gaitonde. The show runs in flashback and present-day chain of events – which makes this suspense thriller show one of the best in its categories.

Take a look at the other list!

Pataal lok on Amazon Prime
Paataal Lok on Amazon Prime (image from IMDB)

Anushka Sharma’s Clean Slate films maiden OTT venture with Amazon Prime explores the murky outlook of dishonesty and corruption in India. The show highlights the fallacies of the law system and the deceptive approaches undertaken to ensure order in the country. The fast-paced thriller has an extremely riveting plot twist in the end. In my honest opinion, the story arc was cut short with the sudden plot twist. In the Epic finale, we realize that the accused were just innocent puppets dancing to the tunes of people sitting in upper-class bureaucracy.

Detailed review of Pataal lok

Delhi Crime on Netflix
Delhi crime on Netflix (image from IMDB)

Delhi Crime is such a well-made and brilliantly executed series. The show did not sensationalize one of the most gruesome crimes in recent history. Rather the subject was treated with sensitivity and focused on the consequences than the actions. The story follows the subsequent police investigation and its fallacies. We often become victims of media trials and get swayed away by the inaccurate facts presented to us via unverified sources. The show offers a more in-depth perspective wherein the audience is disturbed by the inhumanity of the crime and the awareness against the crimes like rape.

13 reasons why on Netflix
13 reasons why on Netflix (image from IMDB)

Trigger Warning: Teen Suicide, sexual abuse, and depression. Though it’s based on teenagers – the show not only investigates the possible murder and suicide of Hannah Baker but explores the complexities of teens. Teenage is a sensitive age group where a person is trapped in between treated as a child or as an adult. Often puberty shakes the mental health of fragile teen souls. Instead of talking to close people, they start seeking solace from other sources which often leads to dire consequences. Stories pan out over 4 binge-worthy seasons.

Head over to comment section and let us know if you have watched any of the series!
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