Books and Memories : Part 1

Listicle of my favourite bookish gifts

Hunger Games

Hunger Games box set

2017,UK. I was due to leave for my home in few months, so I decided to splurge for my birthday. I planned for a house party for my roommates and my landlady,who has been and still is, like an angel to me. Post our spicy Indian meal,which my English guests gulped with lot of coke – I was asked to open my gifts. Surprisingly, I had a WHSmith (leading bookstore) gift card from Angela and Des. I was, of course, on Cloud 9 then! I will forever remember what Angela said next – “When you had first come to the house, the first question you asked was not about the room, but about the stack of books in the hall. Then we knew you love books and hence decided to get the gift card.” They had remembered my tiny action, that made me so happy. Later I had purchased the Hunger Games Box set I had been eyeing for quite sometime from WHSmith. Its one of the most special gifts as it stemmed from kindness- for a girl away from her homeland.

Gone with the Wind

Me with my close to tatters now copy of Gone with the wind

Perhaps the most precious gift I own. I had started reading Gone with the Wind as a borrowed copy from my school friend. I had to stop reading it as Pre-board tests where approaching. I had begged my parents to buy me this book right after my exams were over. I woke up to this book as my “Poila Baisakh” ,ie, the Bengali New Year gift from my grandparents. April 14,2006 it was!

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Harry Potter

Harry Box Set gifted by my sister

The box set I had coveted since 2 years – my sister gifted it for my wedding. She finally caved in to my indulgence and gifted me the most beautiful book set ever.

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Malgudi Days

Malgudi Days by R.K.Narayan

Best saved for last. My best friend had sent me Malgudi Days as my wedding present. Sitting mile away in another country, my MS pursuing friend gifted me the most precious gift a childhood bestie can gift! We had our own adventures no less than Swami and his friends, so this book is a testimony to our friendship.
PS: She had also gifted me Sukanto Samagra and Tarinikhuror Galpo.

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Cheers to Reading!

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