Home decor items for festive season

This listicle is perfect for all the households who will be celebrating Diwali – get the festival of lights in all galore and pomp with these exquisite decor items.

Lotus Urli

It is an exquiste piece of beautifully handcrafted bowl which can be used for both floating flowers or even floating tea light lamps. Urli ushers prosperity and is placed at door entrance usually.
Buy here at 698₹

Lotus Urli
Lotus Urli
Hanging electrical diya
Electrical diya
Electrical diya

This set of hanging eletrical diya has 7 dim neon bulb in each diya and one brass bell at the base.
buy here at 700₹

Oil Lamp

This handle is shaped in om – this metal diya can be easily used for aarti and adds more to home temple or even office temple, for Diwali celebrations.
Buy here at 375₹

Oil lamp
Oil lamp
Haldi Kumkum dabbi with lid
Haldi kumkum dabbi

This is a beautiful and multi utility item which can be used for Diwali aarti, specially for applying haldi kumkum to ladies.
Buy here at 398₹

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Stitched on velvet cloth, this beautiful craftsmanship example is addition to the home temple entrance. Please make sure you have supporting tape to hold the toran in place.
Buy here at 299₹


Please note that the list has been curated based on ratings and reviews. The blogger does not have any personal affiliation with any of the products. Let us know in the comments below, what other products do you think should have been included?

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