Diwali gift ideas under 500₹

We have had enough of Soan Papdi jokes around Diwali celebrations. Why always get a box of Soan Papdi when you can get better gifts almost at the same price? Presenting a list of 5 items which will make the perfect unique Diwali gifts for home celebrations or even for bulk gifting in offices.

Idol Diya Oil Lamp 
Idol Diya Oil Lamp
Idol Diya Oil Lamp

Ideal gift for Diwali celebrations is idol shaped Oil lamp. This is crafted carefully from metal and is a perfect choice to  to pass on your best wishes for Diwali puja.
Buy here at 349₹

Haldi Kumkum Box

Haldi Kumkum Box is an important addition to any festival so its only relevant to gift this elegant looking haldi kumkum holder.
Buy here at 199₹

Haldi Kumkum Box
Haldi Kumkum Box

Looking for Diwali decoration items?

Floral Bowls and Spoon
Floral Bowls and Spoon
Floral Bowls and Spoon

Hard Anodized, beautiful floral shaped set of bowls and spoon is a gift worth of its price!
Buy here at 299₹

Aroma candles

Ideal for small spaces, these aroma candles are very pleasing. The smoke-free flame and non residue burning are additional advantages of these pure soy wax candles.
Buy here at 385₹

Aroma Candles
Aroma Candles
Tealight Candle Holders
Tealight holder
Tealight holder

Diwali gifts are incomplete without tealight holders – These metallic dangling tealight holders add subtle warmth to decor and is perfect value for money!
Buy here at 279 ₹

Please note that the list has been curated based on ratings and reviews. The blogger does not have any personal affiliation with any of the products. Let us know in the comments below, what other products do you think should have been included?

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Please don’t use the photos without permission.

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