Life in College

My cousin sister has started college recently. While chatting with her, I started reminiscing my college days! As a tribute, I have roped in some those emotions which we experience in college.

1. Freedom


Probably the last phase when waking up at 12 did not meet raised eye brows or screaming voices from parents. Questions like ‘Are you free?’ did not hold meaning then, as college life qualifies for 24 hours dotted with self-imposed lazy breaks. Now we wake up daily to the irritating alarm clock and miss the college days.

2. Maggi and Cutting chai


Life saver in hostel. This packet of happiness for hungry souls went easy on pocket. A small heater and voila! You can be masterchef of your room!

3. Pass/Supply ?


“How much did you score?” changes to simple question like “Pass/Supply?”. College was all about clearing the semester exams every year by hook or crook followed by night – long celebrations. Yet to start on rat race, most of us, care less about the score and more on personal growth.

4. Bunking classes


Ceremonial procedure for every student – Bunking. One who has never bunked a class or two in college cannot say they have ‘lived’ their lives. Be it to catch the first show of a movie or watching match in college canteen, or better still just to catch up on college gossips. All because we did not ‘feel like coming to class’.

PS : I have bunked classes just to snug in bed.

5. College Fests


Everyone’s favourite and I am sure we have attended those extra-curricular activities meetings more than classes. The college fests were the most awaited event throughout the year. A gala show of pomp and grandeur, the college fest have bands, DJ, In-house competitions. The month long races came to an end with college fest.

6. Study or not to study?


Corridor, Canteen, Library, Staircase, Dhaba – No place is imperfect

Hope this list made you visit your college memories. If this brought a smile to your face, please share your experience with me. Also, let me know if there are more to the list!

All images have been sourced from Google.

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