Weekend in Pondicherry : A Gastronomic Journey of French Styled Town

Craving for a vacation, we decided for a quick 3 day trip to Pondicherry. The trip turned out to be more of gastronomic nature than sightseeing itself!

Some of the best places to eat out in Pondicherry.

La Villa : Pondicherry has early lunch hours – most places don’t serve lunch after 1 PM. We had lost track of time and eventually resorted to Zomato for lunch options. La villa seemed a good option and boy we were not wrong! The place has bit exorbitant prices so please go here for luxury dining and relaxation.


Tanto’s : Located near Auroville. A road-side respite for journey on to the Auro beach and Serenity beach. This joint is famous for wood fried Pizzas.


GMT : A tiny shack located right on the beach front, in front of Statue of Francis Dupleix, is a gateway to heaven – the yummy gelatos are budget friendly and blissful on hot days. We tried Buorgiano, Tiramisu, Almond, After eight – we kept visiting the place again and again!


KBSN Coffee Bar : This is one of the oldest, most recommended best filter coffee I have ever tasted in Pondicherry. Located near Rock beach, people throng to this place for their best filter coffee and masala milk. So if you are on rock beach and want to recharge, please visit this place!


Fishaurant : We went out searching for budget- friendly seafood and Fishaurant didn’t disappoint. Brilliant food, great prices and ambience. They have tiny fish bowls on tables. The entire decor is themed around seafood. We had crab balls and manga meen kozambu (on suggestion by staff) and we did not regret at all.


Have you tried any of them? Let us know in the comments below which are the other places you have liked for food in Pondicherry. You can also reach me on Facebook or Instagram to share your views. Happy Travelling!

Published by Ordo Ab Chao

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