Must read Horror Fictions

Now that Monsoons have set in, rainy days call for a sumptuous lunch comprising of Khichdi and onion fritters! What else does it call for? Of course, a good horror story! Here are the most suggested books for jump scares!

Draw your curtains to darken your room more before you open this book to read! Collectible edition of Ghost stories has the best of the best short stories from around the world! Now can someone gift me this one since I made this awesome suggestion? Just kidding!

World's 50 Greatest Horror stories
World’s 50 Greatest Horror stories

Everyone knows about Roald Dahl‘s comedy stories, particularly for children. However, are you aware of his bone- chilling ghost stories? Those are perfect for cloudy days with very feeble sunlight – The book of ghost stories is sure to give the goosebumps on your skin.

Book of Ghost Stories
Book of Ghost Stories

Buy here – The book of ghost stories

When we speak of horror, we cannot forget our own Ruskin Bond. The mist-filled haunted houses and creaky staircases – his stories have it all! Read his works at night, and you may just feel the sudden cold hand on your shoulder perhaps! The horror omnibus is just perfect for all horror fiction lovers!

The Ruskin Bond Omnibus
The Ruskin Bond Omnibus

I was introduced to HP Lovecraft’s stories via audio stories on Midnight Horror station. His collection of stories which includes The call of Cthulhu is one of the best in the horror genre. I am yet to read his books but I have heard lot of his translated stories via audio story channels on YouTube. Though he was not respected during his lifetime as writer, his brilliance for horror genre some of which had magic realism elements as well, was recognized posthumously.

The Call of Cthulhu

Of course, saved the best for the last – the King of horror genre – the mighty Stephen King. The Shining is deemed to be one of his best works. His list of terrifying stories is huge – most of them have been actually adapted into award-winning movies, not just The Shining. It had definitely set the coulrophobia in many.

The Shining

Have you read any book from the list? I am yet to read most of these books – I have read snippets and heard translated versions; hence sharing my suggestions based on experience!

Now that Rakshabandhan is just a month away, maybe you can plan to gift these books to your siblings if they live for macabre horror stories – these can be the best books to gift.

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Cheers to Reading!

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