Rakhi gifts under 1000

With less than a month to go for Rakshabandhan festival, Team OAC has curated a list of gifts for siblings. The items have been carefully selected keeping in mind that most of these can be purchased for both, brothers and sisters. Indulge on and get trendy gifts for your siblings as we celebrate the festivalContinue reading “Rakhi gifts under 1000”

Top thriller web series to watch online Part -2

A listicle of thriller shows on OTT platforms The Family Man on Amazon Prime Can a regular doting family man with a not-so-fancy job be an undercover agent dealing with notorious terrorists? Shrikant Tiwari played by the powerful talented actor Manoj Bajpayee, makes you laugh a moment and then throws you off-guard with an intenseContinue reading “Top thriller web series to watch online Part -2”

Top thriller web series to watch online – Part 1

A listicle of thriller shows on OTT platforms You on Netflix Based on a book by Caroline Kepnes, this two-season series is an extremely addictive physiological thriller. Joe Goldberg, played by Penn Badgley, is an intensely obsessed lover. One can’t help but fall in love with the protagonist initially. Just when you start patronizing Joe,Continue reading “Top thriller web series to watch online – Part 1”

TVF : Digital fiesta

Increased lockdown protocols have pushed viewership on Digital platforms Yeh hai family This show invokes the 90s nostalgia! From Chitrahaar to Duck tales, from speaking over landline phone to serving chaat for birthday party – Harshal’s small family throws you back to introspection specially if you are 90s born. For me the highlight of theContinue reading “TVF : Digital fiesta”

I Love Cakes

I love cake. Period. Cake is one of those desserts I can have even at 2 AM night. It’s the perfect bae. Here are my 5 lawful reasons why you should have cakes: 1. I will be there for you: No amount of blues can over power the sunshine of the chocolaty molten stream from ChocoContinue reading “I Love Cakes”

5 Best Friend Characters from Web Series

Shanky (Yeh Meri Family)- Harshu’s best friend Shanky is the friend we wish we had met in childhood. He is the one who understandingly hugs when Harshu’s mom busts movie-outing plan. He drinks rooh-afza with milk, plays chess with himself, he books front row tickets to Raja Hindustani to catch the famous smooch onscreen. He strategicallyContinue reading “5 Best Friend Characters from Web Series”

Once Upon a Time

Singapore, 8 PM Titli pulled her hood lower as it started drizzling. “Fine! No one will notice me cry”. She sniffed and thought aloud – “Is this why you are staying miles away from home?” Singapore, the city of dreams did not answer her question. Onsite bliss comes with the fangs of nerve-wrecking work andContinue reading “Once Upon a Time”

Pataal Lok : An Honest Review

“ये जो दुनिया है न दुनिया, ये एक नही तीन दुनिया हैसबसे उपर स्वर्ग लोक, जिसमे देवता रहते हैबिच में धरती लोग जिसमे आदमी रहते हैऔर सबसे निचे पाताल लोक, जिसमे कीड़े रहते है कभी कभी पाताल लोक के जो कीड़े है नावो धरती लोग के आदमियो को काट लेते हैऔर उनके काटने से होताContinue reading “Pataal Lok : An Honest Review”

Life in time of Corona

2020 has turned all our lives upside down. Staying at home is the new normal. So I started exploring Lockdown series possibilities, after being confined to due to COVID 19. A fun series through my phone, marking days spent inside the four walls of our house in a creative array.This too shall pass and mayContinue reading “Life in time of Corona”

Quirky Rakhi Gift Ideas

One of the most awaited festivals of India, Rakhshabandhan is celebrated with much gusto and pomp. Sisters tie Rakhi to their brothers, promising each other of love, long life and protection for lifetime. This day celebrates sibling- love like nowhere else on earth. Gone are the days when siblings used to gift each other sweetsContinue reading “Quirky Rakhi Gift Ideas”