Books vs Movie

Books or Movie-adaptations of books – which is better is kind of ‘chicken or egg’ question. I often find people debating on why should one read a book when a movie adapted on book is easily available. Let us focus on the pros and cons of two age-long enemies. Movies are visually more appealing. ThereContinue reading “Books vs Movie”

Best of Netflix: Black Mirror

I had subscribed to Netflix out of curiosity. I WAS an ardent fan of Amazon Prime, however Netflix stole my heart (and eyesight considering the binge – watching) with its superior original content. One of my favourite series is the Black Mirror. The series has tech-driven twists in every episode. We often wonder what mayContinue reading “Best of Netflix: Black Mirror”

School Admission

These days school admissions are equally competitive as for any job. All the parents desire elite level of education for their children. So right from playschool, children are now nudged towards preparation for school interview. Gone are the days when a tad English knowledge was considered as highest form of qualification. I still recall myContinue reading “School Admission”

Gifts for Harry Potter fans

Accio gifts! Wish that’s we could say for the Potterhead friends we have. Be their birthdays or anniversary – Or Wait – Even for you, fellow Muggle, Harry Potter merchandise can surely overwhelm you anytime anywhere. Let’s move over the coffee mugs and take a quick look at other HP accessories available in India. Wand –Continue reading “Gifts for Harry Potter fans”